• I don't think so. Those surgeries often seem to either not work at all, or only work in the short term.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent comment Nov08
  • I have actually checked on the lap band which has been proven to be prety successful but it's also very expensive.
    • RareCatch
      What is the definition of very successful? Nel comment above is very good! Very hard decision! Most I seen are very short or don't work at all. Big money maker for doctor! Good luck on your decision.Nov08 RareCatch77
  • My uncle had one of those and lost quite a bit of weight. He was okay for 4 years and then got sepsis in that little pouch thing and died within a matter of days. That's the 2nd person that I know who has gotten sepsis a few years after that surgery. I don't think I'd recommend it to anyone I love. They only consider it a "gastric bypass mortality" if the death is within 30 days of the actual surgery. I think that people think this surgery is safer than it actually is because of that.
  • Absolutely not. I've known two different people who have become malnourished after gastric bypass, one without losing the weight. There is no way that I would permanently reconfigure healthy digestive organs for the sake of weight loss. And my own experience suggests that obesity isn't always a diet and exercise issue. If I had done that, I'd have damaged my stomach and would still have been obese, as my obesity was caused by the interplay of four different illnesses. What has helped was getting diagnoses and treatment for all my illnesses.
  • I've been more than 50 pounds heavier, and no I wouldn't. If I put it on, I can take it off. And you have to be 100 pounds over weight before they'll do the surgery.
  • a person could burn off fifty pounds in a year. just start walking twice a day. twenty minutes out and twenty minutes back.
  • No. I can lose it by eating healthier foods and working out. I have done it before.
  • If you were a fat baby, you probably will never be skinny because you actually have more fat cells than someone who was a skinny baby. But either way, you can control your body by learning to eat right. That takes some study of nutrition, and a bit of exercise. Lots of people say walking worked for them. It is general knowledge that dancers always have the best figures. But cutting off parts to reduce weight is just not a good idea. The various surgeries are based on the assumption that you put on weight because you eat too much food. That is wrong. You put on weight because you eat the wrong foods. So start by cracking the books and learning a few things.
  • No. I have several friends who have had it and wish they hadn't. They had several problems with the surgery which required additional surgery. Two did lose some weight, but put it right back on. The best way is to just change your eating habits. I lost 80 lbs just but changing the way i eat. I cut out sugar and some carbs.

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