• That is a very good question. I never realized how much I settled for shoddy merchandise in the states, until I moved to Europe. I don't mean everything, but alot of it was just so... disposable, if you get what I mean. Maybe it's just where I shopped.
  • I believe that it is simple, blind pride. I don't happen to subscribe to that mythology.
  • Lead content in children's toys is not a good thing.
  • I think they completely lost it when they started selling medications made with the yellow paint used to paint roadways, or the gypsum used in sheet rock as a filler! What is disgusting and shameful is that our FDA is protecting the Chinese manufacturers instead of the American public!
  • Buy some and compare yo...
  • Lower cost for some, will imply lower quality.
  • We're still a little mad about the lead paint that continued to be used in the manufacture of children's toys...long after it was reported... You try explaining to a six year old why she can't keep her Polly Pockets anymore...and yes, the company knew, but sent them anyway.
  • Experience.
  • In the 60's and 70's we all belived (and correctly I might add) that stuff made in Japan was cheap crap. The Japanese did finally get their act together and now make extremely high quality products. China is at the same level of quality that Japan was 35-40 years ago. The Chinese will catch up but as of right now their products are mostly crap.
  • Because they are allowed to use and incorporate harmful dyes and chemicals into their products that we are not allowed to here in the states. Such as the dyes and coloring agents that are still used there that are deemed harmful here. And then there is MSG.. MSG is a HORRIBLE food ingerdient that should have been banned from a global market years ago as the health ramifications are gradual and are irreversable over time and long term exposure. Some studies believe that it is a cause of altzheimers disease.
  • Any idiot can build something cheaper that anyone else if they decide to cut corners in the quality department. Then price it so cheap that people don't bother returning it when it breaks. By the time people stop buying your product, you may have made enough money to up the quality, all the while starving your opposition of much - needed funds! The fact that it broke after two months. However, not all is bad. Read about the Giant bicycle company.
  • Probably the poison found in the dog food products...or the poison currently being found in baby formula made in China. Or it could be the many instances of lead found in children's toys made in China.
  • For some reason, this won't post in the comments section: “What makes some Americans think that Chinese-made goods are any worse than American-made goods?” The fact that it doesn’t ask about SOME Chinese-made goods and SOME American-made goods, suggests that some Americans think that ALL Chinese-made goods are any worse than ALL American-made goods. The person who DR’d me is probably one of those Americans. Of course I don’t condone the lead paint issue, or the use of road paint in medicine, or anything that could cause harm to anyone, but some of our U.S. Manufacturers are guilty of the same level of atrocity. What about our tobacco industry? They have been producing KNOWN cancer causing products for a long, long time, and they are very actively recruiting the youth of foreign countries. There are other U.S. companies too numerous to include in this thread that are guilty of poor or out-right dangerous conduct as well. Hopefully you can understand my answer now. To the coward that anonymously DR’d me: Stand up and be counted!
  • My company imports most of the goods we supply. Will pick up Chinese parts by the truck load. Got over 27,000# today, close to that yesterday. Some customers insist on domestic, but the Chinese imported is every bit as good, no more or less dangerous than domestic, and passes every American quality standard. This is just for one type of product, can't speak for all of course, but, like anything else, it's not all bad.
  • I dont think it's so much that they think they aren't as good as they just want products to be made in america because people need jobs. a lot of people lose thier jobs to outsourcing
  • Lower quality but cheap though...
  • Two reasons from 2007: Poisionous pet food Lead paint used in toys
  • The same logic that makes them think that our pollution is better than theirs.
  • 1) Poisoned pet food 2) Lead painted toys 3) Poison baby formula
  • I was not born in America to show favoritism, so I'll call it how I see it. Not all American products are the best in the world. They do have the best quality in steel to make tools and equipment, even though the US mostly imports steel from Canada and Mexico. In vehicles, Germany has the most high-tech. In electronics, Japan is the leading giant. In fashion, Italy is the elite. In cosmetics, France offers superior quality. As for Chinese products, they are crap. That's why it costs so cheap. You get what you pay for is telling you the price of something usually equals its quality.
    • Linda Joy
      Birmingham AL was born from the steel industry. Not disagreeing with you, just a little bragging.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      There is nothing in my answer to disagree with. I am simply stating, the US has the best quality in steel to make tools and equipment, thanks to its borderline neighbors, the engineers and the steel workers to make it happen. While you are bragging, don't forget to remind the engineers in Birmingham, Alabama how the US can improve on infrastructure, knowing Trump made it clear that our roads and bridges are a mess.
  • American made used to mean craftsmanship and pride. Now its mostly just a matter of jobs. China does make cheap stuff, but poor people need a cheap alternative. That's what keeps Walmart solvent. Also China makes reusable stuff a lot of Americans won't buy because they use disposable. Not only that I ordered a hot air fryer from China and it never arrived!
  • The USA's manufacturing was at it's apex in the 1950's and 1960's. Chinese manufacturing might not have reached it's apex yet, but the quality control is abysmal. Not having quality control doesn't mean not having quality - it means that you don't know whether or not you are getting quality. So, that rubber chicken you buy at the dollar store might be the best rubber chicken ever made, or it might be a wasted piece of plastic. Because everything that makes it onto the conveyor belt makes it onto the skid that makes it to the store shelf. In other manufacturing models, QA adds a step to ensure that each piece manufactured falls within a certain "window" of specification. So, if your USA-made rubber chicken is not between 29-33 cm in length, it goes into the trash bin.

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