• You see a white box when you close your eyes:D
  • ...when you pile up your furniture hoping it will disappear. ...when you run around a rock hoping that a deity from Norse mythology will come out. ...when you break your candles and lights to see if hearts or money will appear. ...when you consume mushrooms, weird herbs and various feathers, thinking you'll grow taller or spit fire. ...when you mix herbs together hoping to create a spray can. ...when you walk downtown at three in the morning with a lead pipe and a radio attached to your belt. ...when you dye your hair green and start shouting METEO all over the place. (I never did that I swear.) ...when you're convinced that you're the project of genetic engineering. ...when you kill your family hoping to become the god of war. ...when you try to squeeze your pet inside a tiny ball. ...when your parents tell you to mowe the lawn, and you start chopping the grass with a sword. ...when Microsoft VS Sony is more important to you than the war-and your hygiene. ...when you ask your teacher if she knows how to use a whip. ...when you go to sleep, you imagine a tiny little song will play from outta nowhere. ...when you start barging in people's homes and take their stuff. ...when you start downing bottles of rubbing alcohol and peroxide. ...when you're convinced that all homeless people are zombies. ...when you start mapping your school, college or place of work, in case there's a ever A) a Nazi invasion or B) a demon onslaught. ...when the smell of a gaming magazine smells better than...what? ...when you actually take the time to make that many examples. OH GOD.
  • -you rename yourself "yoda" and attack people with your lightsaber -when you try a "mindtrick" to get out of speeding fine
  • when you have calisus's on your thumbs & carpel tunnel in your wrists from playing to many hand held games & holding controllers. Or you have this nervous high from anxiety of playing for to long(not that I would know that) & snap everyone's head off when they try to get you away from the tv after you told them just one more time & I know I'll make it through this level an hour ago.
  • you lost your "get out of Jail" card.

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