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  • What is said in the articles is true, what a shame. I do know someone that owns a abortion clinic. They put all the stuff in a safe under lock and key and have to account for every gram of it. The reason is to keep the doctors or others there from selling the parts for whatever reasons. She doesn't even have a key herself so she can't be libel. I wouldn't want to be in the business but I guess someone has to. You know Koreans age starts at conseption<sp> and not their birthday. They subtract 9months and so many days from the birth day. I'm say this because they believe you are alive from the start.
  • This is sickening!!!! They leave the still alive baby in the hospital 'dirty' room, left unattended to die. Once born no medical help is offered. Rather than dying at birth as was intended, they were able to breathe unaided. CEMACH 2007 Perinatal Mortality report, gathered from hospitals in England and Wales during 2005, reveal 16 babies who survived abortion were born after 22 weeks in the womb or later in the pregnancy. The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation. CEMACH chief executive Richard Congdon said lethal injection had not been given in the 16 abortions over 22 weeks' gestation because death was "inevitable". The 16 survived between one minute and four-and-a-half hours - half lived for just over an hour. *****The remaining 50 were under 22 weeks' gestation and half survived for longer than 55 minutes, with one breathing unaided for ten hours.
  • i would rather the mother goto a hospital, than a dirty basement with a coat hanger, no matter how bad they treat the baby after.
  • I dont understand why they just let it just lay there, isnt the point of abortion, to kill the baby?
  • Generally, the "parasitic tissue" is murdered by asphyxiation or other cruel methods ... and the perpetrator is allowed to walk -- something the baby will never do. Disgusting practice, is it not?
  • If they kill them, then it would be wrong for a number of reasons.
  • Well technically... and medically, they are a fetus up until a certain point. After that they are considered babies and cant be legally aborted anyway. They are not "Alive" when removed at that early a point in gestation. They are taken from the Uterus usually by suction and therefore, when the blood supply is broken and the protective sac ruptured, they do not live more than a few seconds and it is painless.
  • My first grandson was born at 24 weeks but not the result of an abortion. He could have survived if given the proper care. However, the doctor(s) made the decision otherwise, because my daughter was poor (at the time).He was breathing and kicking. They took him from my daughter and later gave her no reason for "cause of death", nor would they release the body. She had proper pre-natal care; her water broke early.She delivered her baby herself alone in the hospital room because they treated it as a "spontaneous abortion". Even before this happened, I knew there would be a problem with abortion: we have a conscience...the law doesn't. The laws related to the unborn and abortion are responsible for this and possibly many other cases.
  • I think they leave them to die. Occasionally, a tender hearted nurse will rescue one that clings very tenaciously to life but sadly, most of them aren't that lucky.
  • i just have to say this oh and watch the video it wil answer your question!!!! i think that aborion is wrong and it should be illegal all around the world there are so mny different types of abortion like the PARTIAL BIRTH abortion (illegal in the united states)this is what happens...Intact D&X, or partial birth abortion first involves administration of medications to cause the cervix to dilate, usually over the course of several days. Next, the physician rotates the fetus to a footling breech position. The body of the fetus is then drawn out of the uterus feet first, until only the head remains inside the uterus. Then, the physician uses an instrument to puncture the base of the skull, which collapses the fetal head. Typically, the contents of the fetal head are then partially suctioned out, which results in the death of the fetus, and reduces the sizes of the fetal head enough to allow it to pass through the cervix. The dead and otherwise intact fetus is then removed from the woman's body. dont believe me go to and type in partial birth abortions and click on the second link another form of abortion is MANUAL VACUUM. This procedure can be used up to 10 weeks after the last menstrual period (early first trimester). It is the only surgical abortion procedure available before 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy. It involves the use of a specially designed syringe to apply suction. This method is not available everywhere, but it may be more available than machine aspiration in some geographic areas. another is MACINE VACUUM This procedure is the most common method used in the first 6 to 12 weeks (first trimester) of pregnancy. Machine vacuum aspiration involves the use of a hollow tube (cannula) that is attached by tubing to a bottle and a pump, which provides a gentle vacuum. The cannula is passed into the uterus, the pump is turned on, and the tissue is gently removed from the uterus. ABORTION IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! once that baby is concived once the sperm enters the egg that baby is alive that baby is feeding off of you that baby is taking your blood from the unblical cord and getting nutritents from what you eat you are responsible for it now im only 15 i havent had a baby yet but if i were to get pregnant before i was ready i would never never have an abortion if i had to that baby would go up for adoption but killing it is wrong if u murdered someone becasue i didnt like them or because you didnt want them in your life you would be put in jail well abortion is the same thing you are killing a humanbeing because u dont want it it was most likley you god damed falt that you got pregnant in the first place becsaue uhad unprotected sex maybe you should think next time yes somethimes people get raped or the condom breaks or the birth controll was faulty but thats still no reason to kill the baby here are some videos so that you can understand better watch the first one it explains soo much of what i havent APORTION IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i would think theyd try to save them and then have cps take over

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