• Jack Turner. He was a teacher and a coach. He didn't have a championship team but he created champions. He taught you how to know your limitations and how to exceed them.
  • Guidance Counselor Mr. Masters, and an English Teacher Mr. Drown. Both i will never forget. Both changed my life course for the better.
  • Señor Avansino... i am still inspired... though i still suck at Spanish, but i will get more practice hopefully
  • Mr. Gellar, he was an inspiration during my darkest years, an amazing teacher and a truly inspiring human being. I still stop and remember how much he improved my life sometimes.
  • So far, no teacher has inspired me.
  • I don't know if I ever had a teacher who actually inspired me. However, the one teacher that "inspired" me gave birth to me. I was inspired with her personality, which is my heirloom.
  • That would have to be my Piano teacher Mrs Johnson...She taught me practice makes perfect and when the going gets tough the tough gets going...I am now a Piano teacher and I owe my teachings to her:)
  • My piano instructor who also encouraged me to try out for a full scholarship and I thank him for that, for he is somewhere in heaven since last year. "Thank you, Mr. E. for believing in me and helping me achieve one of my dreams!"
  • Mrs. Kendrick from Cornelius math and science academy in Houston. She was the best teacher! I loved her class. :)
  • Thankyou Mr Cousins for not scaring the pants off me...
  • Ed Edmonson, fine teacher and fine man. I still refect back on things he taught me and I haven't seen him in 31 years. He was the most respected teacher at my school, and for good reason.
  • Mrs. Halowla, she was my art teacher in high school and she really made me a better artist. she would actually tell me if something i drew/painted sucked! it was a little harsh at first, but now when i draw something i criticize it first until i like it! she really inspired me.
  • My original Drama teacher Fred Metzner; who sadly retired halfway through my first year and was replaced by a woman that turned it all into a more exclusive 'cliches' kind of class that wasn't my cup of rum in the slightest. Fred just had this magnificent way with people from all walks of life, and had an exuberance that was inspiring and infectious even in the twilight of his years. Wherever you are Mr. Metzner may God be with you.
  • My physics teacher was brilliant, not great at disciplining a class but if you wanted to be taught he was a great teacher, and a geography teacher who everyone loved (and who has sadly died about a month ago) who had the motto "A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted" on a banner above his whiteboard and stuck to it. He was absolutley brilliant and everyone wanted to be taught by him
  • In college, Dr. Mary Ellen Parquet Herx. I had several literature courses from her and loved the way she taught. She expected a lot, was very involved with the subject matter and students' responses to it, and kept my attention all the time. A good bit of my teaching style was patterned on hers. It's my hope that it worked, and I think it did. Just about the only thing my students bitched about was that I expected a lot. But they wouldn't be normal if they didn't bitch about that, would they!

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