• it's kind of hard to answer it bt maybe sumthin like this.Roses are red Violets are corny, But when I think of you, Oh baby I get horny, Eat me, Beat me, Bite me, Blow me, Suck me, nice and slowly when you kiss me don't be sassy use your tounge, and make it
  • heres one girls roses are red violets are corny lets get together ill make you horny so fuck me suck me lick me good shove it in me like you should ride me bounce me ill get on top and when were done ill lick you like a lollipop.
  • XD nice answers so far lmao.. tell him how sexy u find him tell him how his voice makes you wet and how you can't stop thinking about him tell him how badly he makes you want to touch yourself and tell him that you are all his... that should do it ;)
  • whenever i'm out to eat with friends or anything, i say, i'm out eating. want something? (; its harmless, but cuutte.
  • "I'd love it if you were inside me right now while I'm _____________________" (Whatever you are doing at the moment, shopping, working, etc.)
  • I cant stop finking about your soft wet tongue running up and down my body.. slowly massaging my wet pussy..i just want to sit on your face whilst i suck your hard cock.. im laying on my bed naked moisterising my body whilst slowly penetrating myself with my fingers..i could really do with some help... see how long you get a knock on your door!! :P
  • I would send him messages in stages. Example: 1. I wish you were here. 2. I'd kiss you all over...slowly. ::wait about 15 minutes:: 3. I would rub my hands down your chest. ::wait about 5 minutes:: 4. Then I would ::insert favorite seductive move here:: 5. But you aren't here...sigh. 6. But you are there...and you're horny. ::devilish smile:: love. The point is to make him the center of attention...unless he gets off on pleasing you, then under the ::insert favorite seductive move here:: put something you want him to be doing to you. If you don't get any responses, assume there's someone else in the room or he's at work, or he's just enjoying the naughty messages you've sent. Maybe he'll surprise you when he gets home ;)
  • You give me butterflies I got the pole...Show me your hole. pouty lips, sexy body, apple bottom and long silky legs, all for you baby. you can find more at
  • Say something like - just come over so i can ravage you. Or I want to start by lightly nibbling on your lips then move to licking and kissing your neck slowly kissing, nibbling and lickin your pecks and your hot sexy body then move lower and lower and find that huge package of yours and give your a good surprise.

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