• It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is.
    • Linda Joy
      third person singular present of be.
  • I never heard you voice. If it is like when I was very much younger . . . . . Oh wait you said vocabulary. I would think it depends on one's perception.
  • 10-4-2017 No. Yes. Next question.
    • Linda Joy
      Next question- What's your IQ?
    • Abha
      Jewels Vern, told you, you never "really" answer
    • Jewels Vern
      People here are so unfriendly that I am almost ready to go back to Yahoo Answers. And I swore I would never do that.
    • Linda Joy
      No, I really do want to know your IQ! I'm guessing it's over 100, maybe over 120. Higher?
    • Linda Joy
      Abha, I'm only caught up to Sep 21 on my notifications because I took one week off to read a book and got behind. And no, I can't comment on every answer and every following comment! Keep asking questions and you'll see! I spent two hours today answering notifications and I still have over 500! That's since Sep 21! Whatever I'm tired of investing time in this site only to be criticized and unappreciated.
    • Linda Joy
      You know what? I don't even care what anybody here thinks of me anymore.
    • Linda Joy
      We're not even notified when someone comments on our question. we're only notified when someone comments on our answer. Or answers our question.
  • Test us with a few samples!
    • Linda Joy
      You have over 4500 samples! Scroll up, click the name under my pic and marvel at the vast vocabulary exemplified in my 3600+ answers and almost 1000 questions! And if that's not enough for a sampling check out my bio send me an email! I can teach you words you've never known before! ;-) lol
  • Sexy 😅😅😅😅😅😅
    • Linda Joy
      I'm posting here so you'll get a notification I commented on your comment on Vern's answer.
  • it might be
  • Sexy words are whispered into ones friends ear!
  • not sure
  • not that i know of
  • Yes...Do you think my tractor's sexy?
    • Wakko
      I do, and your farmer's tan. :P
    • Azlotto
      LMAO! Aw shucks.
    • Linda Joy
      I've never seen your tractor, but I'm sure we could make it so!
  • Oh, I love it when you undress me with your mouth. xD
    • Linda Joy
      Mmmmmmm.... I could, you know! Ha ha

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