• Brain washing on the BS cycle. The holocaust did occur, millions of jews were slaughtered and massacred. However they only represent a fraction of the holocaust of the African American slave trade, it is unclear of the actual death toll of those times but it is much higher than that of the jewish holocaust, yet I don't here much about anyone denying it happened, they just don't talk about it. It's sad.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      The six million Jews that Hitler killed is a comparatively small number when compared to folks like Mao Zedong, who killed millions of people. Estimates range from 49 to 78 million. Add in Stalin's 23 million people, we get to see the joys of communism. Slavery, which is still practiced in parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia, though technically illegal, is a stain on all of humanity. Even though it usually only gets put on the US, that's far from being historically accurate. Every civilization since the beginning of time has practiced slavery, even African countries where slaves were captured. And some studies suggest that 90% of those slaves captured in Africa were imported to South America, not the US.
    • Victorine
      Sorry, but comparative statistics do not somehow mitigate the Holocaust or US slavery, no matter how much you try to use them to that effect. As a historian, I am well aware of the long history of slavery in the world. That it existed thousands of years ago and in most places on earth doesn't somehow excuse its uniquely negative effects in the United States. For one thing, most world slavery wasn't race-based as it was here. For another, manumission rates tended to be high in various cultures (ancient Rome, for example) and former owners were legally responsible for seeing to it that former slaves were given a good start in their free lives and did not become public charges. I suggest you study the subject rather more closely than you seem to have done.
  • I find it extremely difficult to believe that anyone could actually "think" that the Holocaust never happened. Some people say that they do because it suits their anti-Semitic agenda.
  • they're actually in denial
  • Brain damage.
  • Its a conspiracy theory similar to man never landing on the moon. I even heard people go as far to say nuclear weapons never existed and the testing footage was edited or the giant fire ball was the sun.
  • I don't know about those with a hidden anti Zionist agenda, but the average Jo who isn't convinced the Holocaust ever happened probably has several valid reasons: - They didn't personally witness it and don't know anybody who did. - They question facts provided by a propaganda fuelled government even though some facts must be true. Remember, this happened over 60 years ago. Were you there? Are you easily duped? - They see mass murder as pointless and therefore inconceivable - They're not racist and therefore can't understand why entire governments could be - They realise there's a good argument to be had. - They're skeptics by nature - You've got to admit, it's Terminator judgment day, but in the past
  • it did happen..people should look at the old news reels and doccos and see for them selves how the people suffered badly..they were walking skeletons ..aww the poor things ..
  • They're usually anti-Semites. Their ignorance of and prejudice against Jews leads them to try to accuse Jews of being liars. However, the documentary evidence of the Holocaust is vast; the Nazis themselves documented their actions. Only extremely unintelligent and deeply bigoted people can ignore that simple fact.
  • Ignorance and/or hatred of Jewish people can be the only explanations.

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