• Auto race. For some reason, I have no interest in horse racing...
  • Horse race. I have never been but would love to go. I have been to auto races before.
  • I would LOVE to see horse track racing as I have never been to one, last yr was my first time to Infineon Raceway to the races and it was great, I had tickets for the race this yr but had to work so didn't make it.
  • Either would be my first time going. I would pick the cuto race, because I am pretty sure there will be beer somewhere.
  • I think I'd go for the horse track, and yes it would be a first time for me if I went to either event in person.
  • id like to go to the horse race, maybe aintree on ladies day, ive never been but would like to.:)
  • I've been to both many times. I'd go to the horse racing unless a friend happened to be competing in the car racing .. though i'd rather go watch motorbike or jetboat races :)
  • The choice is simple for me. I have been to the auto car racetrack before so it would the horse track for me. You are so right. It is nothing like being there for the live action.
  • I suppose it depends on what kind of auto race it is. The ones with lots of turns (indy, F-1), are less fun to watch because you can only see the same small area. A horse race would be a first for me, and I wouldn't have to wear earplugs. On the other hand, I'm a lousy gambler.

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