• Never I dont like the idea of internet dating. Why not just join a social group of what you like
  • I did it for 9 months, and right before we were to meet things went pear shaped. It really sucks that all that time was for nothing. Do it as soon as you can, cause eventually it may be too late.
  • It depends on how comfortable each party feels about it. I think meeting sooner than later is a good idea. There are quirks you may not like, going on with the person when you meet them. That being said, I met my boyfriend from the internet after 3 months. He kinda sorta had to move in with me though. Or else it would have been much longer before we met, simply for distance. After I met him in the flesh, it was like meeting him all over again.
  • It is up to the two people involved. All I will say however, is for godsake don't take any risks at all. You cannot really know what this person is like because you have spent no time together, in person. Remember, don't announce anything on the internet (in conversation or otherwise), that you would not happily scream out in the middle of a packed shopping mall. No address. Be bloody careful. When you do decide to meet, you go along with somebody else as well. You won't want to, but you MUST tell Mum or Dad BEFORE you go off on your visit. Arrange to meet in PUBLIC and take a friend with you. Do not go alone. Make sure somebody (parents), knows where you are headed. I know you hear all this all the time and I know you're probably thinking 'yeah,whatever, stop nagging', BUT, if you don't do as I have suggested and put yourself and your welfare at the top of your list, then you could quite easily end up in all sorts of bother and it could be very, very bad for you. Go have fun but DO NOT risk your safety.

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