• It's to late.
  • Theoretically yes, in practice it would be extremely difficult. To start with you would have to go drug free alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, refined sugar, street drugs, over the counter drugs.... Next comes diet whole real food, nothing processed or "junk", add a complete vitamin/mineral supplement. Exercise lots of cardio and resistance work to promote blood flow and sweating. Learn how to activate the relaxation response, that's meditation with out the mumbo jumbo. Once you have cleaned all the crap out of your system it will be possible for your automatic regeneration system to begin repairing the damage. To speed up the healing process and deal with any other problems read and apply Massive amounts of time and effort would be needed. That's why I say it is not practical, you have to be a fanatic to make it work. I know because that's how I fix stuff.

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