• What shape is the pill?
  • the pill is round
  • There is a site where you can actually look at some pictures of pills and put in a description and it will compare it with both name brand and generic meds to find out exactly what it might be. I forgot the name of the site but it was for parents who found drugs in the possesion of there teens. I will try a google search and give you the name of the site.
  • Is it Oval? Is the P inside like V? With 121 on one side? If so one sight I found said it was a 81 mg of aspirin. its a forum put in your descrip in search and it will search the forums for other people that found this pill.
  • Yes, WhyamIhere is correct. It's an 81 mg aspirin. Round, yellow pill with a small "p" inside a big "V" on one side and 121 on the other side.

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