• I wouldn't say it's inevitable. You have to look at it from their shoes. Do you think that some Iraqi is asking this same question about who they feel are American terrorists and their children?
  • If so, I can only hope that the children of our deceased victims of their terrorism (and on and on) will find faster and more effective ways of brilliantly stopping them from reaching their goal and non-violently creating peace instead.
  • They already have...World Trade Center, both times.
  • I believe they have and will continue to do so, yes.
  • Yes you are correct, they live by the sword and they will die by the sword. A culture that is not tolerant of others will always live in this fashion.
  • Well, I think the innocent people we've slaughtered in Iraq may be first in line for revenge. With the terrorists, well, that's the world in which they live..with the innocent people, well, they didn't ask for it/deserve it/nor did they have any choice. They're the ones who have been aggrieved..not the terrorists. :(
  • God willing it will not happen, unfortunately it seems it will happen specially if we keep going in the same path we are now. We Americans need to learn many things specially to THINK RIGHT then perhaps we could have a better view of what the future has for us and be capable of doing something about it.
  • Does Vietnam hate us?
  • The problem is the US didn't just go in and kill terrorists. They flattened entire towns, full of innocent people. Being an Iraqi or Afghan isn't synonymous with being a ''terrorist''. So I do think there's a good chance the US (and countries which helped) are going to have problems with the thousands of children who lost parents, were made homeless and generally had their lives turned upside down. And honestly, who can blame them? The US has a lot to answer for. If it was my family who'd been killed, and my home which had been flattened -- you bet I'd want revenge.
  • Yes. Whereas America seems to have a 15 minute memory, people from the Middle East have a very long memory. And why wouldn't they seek revenge? If our country were attacked, invaded, and occupied by other nations, who had no understanding or respect for our culture and religion, our innocent civilians (children, the elderly, and housewives) murdered, and our way of life destroyed, we'd want revenge too. In spades.
  • That's why they invented nukes yo...:)=)
  • Not as much as the children of the INNOCENT people killed by the "war on Terrorism", but yes. We are creating more enemies than friends because of America's juvenille foreign policy. It's why 9/11 happened.
  • Not necessarily. Nazi's children did not retaliate against America or the Jews, and many of the Japanese children of their war dead did not retaliate as well. Often the next generation will recognize the wrongs of the past generation and correct their wrongs.

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