• Cars with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) have their fuel pumps in the gas tank. I imagine this is the case with your car as well. It requires droping your gas tank in order to get to the fuel pump a the top. This isn't too difficult, as the gas tank is usually held in by a couple of simple straps. Not recommended that you do this with a full tank (weight considerations), however a partially filled tank is far more dangerous as an explosion hazard. You've GOT to be careful. If you aren't ABSOLUTELY sure how to do this, just have it replaced by a professional. No sense turning your driveway into a huge BBQ and killing yourself (and maybe someone else) in the process.
  • unless your a gm technician dont attempt it , i am and those are not for the amateur. trust me,there a pain to replace even for us and were the pros!

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