• Peking...the entire city is Chinatown.
  • Bejing, or did you mean in North America? and if you meant in NA it would be San Fransisco
  • Cleveland has a Chinatown..I don't know if its the largest:)
  • In No. America it has to be San Francisco.
  • Hong Kong
  • i know its not hawaii cause ours is smaller then san francisco's
  • OK. Im going to say, In the States, it would have to be San Francisco. But, Im going to submit this, and research, and edit, and add to this answer. EDIT... San Francisco, followed by Toronto, in Canadia. :)
  • A Chinatown is a migrant settlement so they must be outside China, excluding Beijing and Hong Kong. But far more Chinese migrated within Asia than to the West. Chinatowns like Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia, are far bigger than San Fran, and in Singapore the Chinatown spread to become the city state's core population. In absolute size, Bangkok would have the biggest Chinatown by far – several million people. The original Chinatown has long spilled over into other districts. It's also one of the most authentic Chinatowns in that ways of live persist there that have long gone in mainland China.
  • Shanghai

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