• It wouldn't occur to me to ask whether they were married or a parent - I am only interested in whether they are qualified.
  • I don't see the issue. Just because they want to help kids doesn't mean they have to be married with kids of their own. I would think that they plan on getting married and have kids. It would be maybe a little odd if the person was say 40s with never have been married or kids. There are many occupations that give access to kids which are a hell of a lot easier to get into then being a doctor. If you are suggesting that the person only became a pediatrician to get access to children.
  • Why wouldn't you? As long as they are educated. I don't take everything a doctor tells me as gospel, I have found that doing your own health homework works the best. I have stiched up my children when they have cut themselves and done various other medical remedies and all 3 of my children are fine. I don't put a lot of faith in doctors most of them are just in it for the money.:(
  • I really can't understand why ANY of that would matter. He's qualified...end of story! Or am I missing something here?
  • No, not really. Studying pregnancy out of a book and actually experiencing it are two completely different things. The pediatrician with no kids could even have a better academic knowledge base than the doctor with a child; however, I know I would just feel better going to someone who has experienced what I was going through. I got diagnosed with IC (a severe bladder disease) when I was 16. It changed my life radically. I began seeing a male urologist every other week (I was always the youngest patient in the waiting room lol). Anyway, during my visit he would always ask "how's your bladder?" and "how's the pain?", while he was installing the med. into my bladder, not even looking at my face. That's it; he was not personable or empathetic in the least. I remember telling my mom on numerous occasions that all doctors should experience just a taste of what their patients are going through. I don't understand how a doctor can accurately treat their patient unless he/she has experienced something similar firsthand. I then started going to my gynecologist and she started asking me so many questions about me as a whole, after all, not just my bladder was affected. My female doctor could relate more to the type of pain I was constantly experiencing (it's like having a UTI all the time) and therefore could more accurately treat my symptoms.
  • Young and no kids that would be a problem for me since I would trust my children more with a pediatrician who was older and who had kids
  • Well, I'm pretty comforatable with my OB/GYN and he doesn't have a vagina, so yeah.
  • yes, when my son was born prem his pediatrician was young, unmarried with no kids. he was fantastic with my son.:)
  • Yes. There education is what I am paying for, life experience will come.
  • My newborn daughter's pediatrician (not married and without children) was new to her career. At first I didn't give it a second thought until she questioned my parenting skills. How would she know how I feel as a mother if she hasn't experienced it? My daughter had kidney reflux and was labeled low weight gain. When I refused certain treatments that I thought were harmful to my daughter the doctor criticized my decision. I should mention that the low weight gain was never considered a real issue to anyone else other than that particular pediatrician. I found another doctor pronto and she's been a godsend. My daughter is going on eight and with the guidance we now have, my daughter is in top health.
  • Sure. I would feel more uncomfortable if I knew he was married/unmarried and had children/ was child free. I want a strictly professional relationship with my doctors -- and finding out about their private lives tends not to constitute ''professional''. Similarly, I feel very comfortable with my cardiologist, he's trained in cardiology. Whether or not he's had any heart problems I don't know, but it doesn't affect his ability to treat mine.

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