• Zodiacal mumbo-jumbo aside, yes. It can work if you both want it to work and both work to make it so.
  • It will work, but will be volatile. Aquarian male is happy-go-lucky guy, Taurean/Aries cups very methodical and serious and very meticulous. But will have hot romantic movements.
  • Yea they are right, myself married one. I'm taraus and we do have problems.. one i'm down to earth and he is air sign. If you aries you should get along they match well if you not watch out. Trust me better to find another or really have to work at it.
  • Yes it can work very well for many many years. Its all about give and take. If the Aquarius male does'nt have a roaming eye and is a grafter, and the partner is'nt to stuborn and hot headed. Both can also work well together in business.
  • Why not, i never consider stars when entering a relationship. If it goes wrong you can always blame it on the stars.
  • Actually yes, but it can be a rocky road unless you are both determined to make it work. I am a Taurus/Aries cusp female whose greatest and longest-term love relationships were with Aquarians.
  • I am a female born on the aries/taurus cusp. He is an aquarius. It has been four months since we met and I have never loved and hated someone more than him. I wish I could cast a spell on him so that I became his only interest . . . but I would just as soon he got run over by a car. He is aloof, distracted and his actions never support his words. I am kind, sensuous and evil. This union is a nightmare, but for some reason the sun is shining, he is smiling and I am wearing pink.
  • It would be difficult,, get out while you can before you end up having kids and destroy your life,, if your seeing these signs this early. If you know he does not do drugs , alcohol, and has high morals , values then try I suppose. I had a VERY VERY abusive realtionship with Auq born feb 2nd, I left pregnant with the 2nd baby he didnt want, it took me 10 yrs to regain my strength from that aweful relationship, it made me physically sick emotionally sick..thats my story tho. Im april 23rd.. He may never be the way you need emotionally he seem can seem cold and emotionless. your both fixed signs.. how much aries in your chart MIGHT help.or if he has some capricorn. Eddie van Halen(aqu)and Val Bertinelli(taurus apr 23rd) divorced. Sonnie(aqu) and cher(taurus) divorced. Billy Joel(taurus) and Christie Brinkley(aqu) divorced. Just dont exect this guy to ever change his ways, even if there unhealthy and just plain wrong. I found my ex cared much more about friends then his own family,, im sure there not all that bad.
  • Well, I am a Aquarius male. Married, and got ran and controlled by my virgo wife. Didn't stand up for myself. It was like, I was locked in jail for almost 2 and a half to 3 years. I treated her like a queen, gave her everything, while I had none. Family and friends had always told me, "Why do you not stand up for yourself when you have the right to?" I finally stood up for myself, without any violence or physically activities, of course(due to when I was a child, I promised myself I will not cheat or abuse my family). Virgo wife flew in a quickness out of state back to her parents, in an instance after a big argument. I felt good to stand up for myself, because I am saving myself alot of trouble in the long run with her. She came back eventually, and now she is less controlling. Everything is fine now. Why do I get the vibe that Aquarius males are bad? Misunderstanding?
  • I am a female on the cusp of Aries/Taurus and my longest (5 years) and most intense relationship was with an Aquarian male. It was definitely the most passionate relationship but also had the most extreme ups and downs. We didn't work out, but that doesn't mean non of these unions will work. I just started dating another Aquarius male and I'm hoping it will work out better this time around!!!
  • i am an aquarius male and iv'e been dating a taurus for 2 years....its definitely been a roller coaster ride and have been some high ups and low downs, but none the less the passion and interesting times we have together out weigh the aqua men know how to keep our woman interested and on her toes if she is lucky enough to "catch" one of us. Getting us is the hard part, but once you get us to fall, we fall deep and most likely forever.
  • well i am a taurus woman with a aquarius male actually my longest love interests have been with aquarius males. I enjoy the freedom ,but keeping up with them is a never ending battle. the passion is great and there are not problems romantically other than commitment.
  • Hmm because your born on the end of a sign you adapt both quality’s of Taurus and Aries, you will find that Aries are a very good match for Aquarius but Taurus wont be very good. Here you can use this web site to match signs and read about why they work and why they don’t.
  • I thought it would be interesting to present the other side..I am an Aquarius female with a Aries/Taurus male. He is passionate, headstrong, speaks his mind, does what he says, and says what he does. He is very direct, blunt, & honest. I totally respect him for his honesty. One moment I am thinking "what am I doing" and the next I am blissfully staring at him thinking "how could I not love this man". Life is a roller coaster at the best of times (and that's a good thing...keeps it interesting)and after my previously failed marriage, I am hoping we can provide eachother with the stability, love and support that neither of us have had up to this point.
  • yes the relationship works but depends... But what I can say about aquarian male is that they must stop wanting to see us on their sight But we Love them...
  • I am an Aquarius female in love with a Taurus, though he has Aries in Venus. It's either nirvana or hell, and sometimes both at the same time. I find him mentally unstimulating, annoying, boarish, crude, tender, sweet, giving gifts all the time, romantic, and the most sensuous lover I have ever had. I know my aloofness drives him crazy, and he wants me around all the time, but I get bored to tears doing the same old things cause he gets stuck in his ruts. On the other hand, he's making me see how badly I treat men - expecting them to let me run off and have fascinating conversations with whomever whenever I like, and they just have to take it! Not very mature, I know. I think we're karmically working on each other. Just wish he'd accept 'friends who have great sex' as the relationship. But he wants romance...without putting in all the effort required to knock me on my back. Sigh!
  • Thanks for all messages. My thoughts are still the same Aquarius cannot figure them out.Strange and aloof at times, then coldish, yet very sweet at times.Us Bulls are the same, hard headed.stubborn, yet very loyal. Love to fight it's me cannot help it. I guess time will tell..
  • I am hoping for the same thing. I am a Aries cusp Taurus female and I just started seeing an Aquarian. I find his manner and looks captivating. Our conversations are usually very intellectual, though my humor differs from his. I am a VERY patient and submitting for a taurus and that definitely helps me with his aloofness. My biggest fear is his ex who is a scorpio and though he never talks about her, Aquarian love runs deep and I know he still thinks about it. It is very hard at times to not be jealous and impulsive, but for him I am willing to try. Romantically it is very sensuous and our differnt sex styles gives us a lot to teach each other... so things do not get boring in the bedroom :). He knows exactly what to say to keep me coming back for more.
  • oooh i am a tauraus woman, and ooooh i get so frustrated sometimes, he blows hot and cold, shy at times not verbally sensual, and i would want to talk about everything, i am intimate and show it physicALLY and verbally, but he struggles with it but is slowly coming out of himself, we have been together for just over a year. he shows his caring side by practical things, finds the wholw intimate side difficult, but during our more intimate monents he's wow!!! silent but wow!!! leaves me always wanting more, but then its back to the i want to be a boy and play and go out and play... ARRRGGGGHHH!!!! want to tell him i love him but that door is never really open... he has been hurt badly and i am the ever patient taurean who gives and gives but i am afraid that one day I will just stop... london woman

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