• They have been in a number of big name movies since:
  • They were in a disney movie 'Seventeen Again' and Tamera did a reocurring role on ER, or some medical show.
  • Well Tia and Tamera have done and have been in movies like, Seventeen Again, Something to Sing About (Tamera) and others including the newest: 'Twitches' a Disney channel original movie. now, Tamera has a reoccuring role on 'Strong Medicine' on the Lifetime network. And Tia uses her voice talents for animated series such as Bratz and other kid's animated characters. thats all I know for now! ;) I love them!! love ya T&T! ;)
  • Update, right now Tia stars on a tv sitcom on the CW Network called "The Game" and Tamera is currently MIA, LOL.

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