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  • you need top find out what he JO with there are lots of options for you but i need to know what you think he beats off to/with/in. oh if you think he likes your underware try taking a pict of your drawer before leaving him home alone and compare after. if so at least he loves you.
  • Nothing. Don't even try. Men masterbate, period. Men who are having great sexual relationships continue to masterbate. You should be happy you have a healthy partner. There is nothing wrong with 'jacking off,' so leave it alone.
  • I despair about the state of literacy in our country, based on the above answers. Let your man beat off all he wants. It's just something we do; it's not a rejection of you or anything. We just get into our own bodies and cocks.
  • Guys jerk off. Except my ex, who said it felt like a dude was playing with his cock, which, um, hello? One was. Anyway, I get myself off all the time, sometimes with my man in the room with me, watching. He doesn't complain. Don't let it bug you, unless he has to watch overweight midget porn to get off, even when having sex with you. In which case, I might would probably be offended.
  • First I think you should ask yourself why it bothers you that much. Sometimes he's going to be horny and you are not around. Second, if you still want him to stop, learn to do it for him better than he can. Have you ever heard that a person cannot tickle themselves? If you learn to jerk him off well and he just lays back and enjoys it the feelings are going to be so much better than he can generate by himself he'll wait for you before doing it himself. I don't know why but my g/f can do it to me so much better than I can I have given up on doing it myself. I can get the same end results but the journey from start to finish is very disappointing overall. I apologize because that came out a little condescending. Men are pretty easy to handle if you just remember we aren't all that complicated. If you give your guy the good stuff he'll ignore the cheap stuff.
  • What's the problem with him doing that?
  • I have a great gal and can have sex 24x7 if i want, but i masterbate several times. It has nothing to do with how i feel about her, but rather intimate time with myself where i am in total control and know exactly what feels good to me. Instead of trying to stop him try cuddling togather in bed and both masterbate togather. Try masterbating and ask him to watch, then ask to watch him. You can make it something intimate between the two of you.

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