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  • I am a computer technician in Florida who recently bought a Kodak printer to field-test it prior to recommending Kodak to my customers. The ads were very tempting as they promised to save up to $100.00 per year in ink as an ink change was only $24.99 for a black AND a color cartridge. After using the printer for a week and a half, I noticed the color cartridge was 3/4 empty. So I set the printer to print in black only, started a 25 page print job and went to lunch. When I returned 19 pages were complete and there was an error message on my computer informing me the color ink was empty. Additionally, the printer would not print anything without replacing the color cartridge. This would equate to $25 every 2 weeks or $650 per year My HP printer costs a little over $100.00 to replace the ink. (1 double color and 2 black cartridges) I did this about 3 times a year equating to $300 per year. So I called Kodak offshore support. I was informed by a supervisor Dave Devdipta that this is normal with Kodak printers to use color ink when printing black only. I insisted a refund for the printer’s purchase price based on the math above and the ad stating a savings in ink costs. Dave informed me that KODAK DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS AND NEVER HAS! What a deal, a company that has never given a refund. I thought it was my responsibility to inform as many people as possible. On a positive note, Target took the printer back and credited my charge card even without the original box. Go Target!

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