• Smart and cowardly. Stupid and heroic could be dead also. Smart and cowardly will become heroic when the need arises. Heros are usually the accident of opportunity. People who step up because it needs doing. Stupid people are very seldom heros because they do not recognize the opportunity/danger and do not do what is needed.
  • Smart and cowardly is better for the person. Stupid and heroic isn't at all good for the person but much better for anyone in trouble. I wouldn't want the smart and cowardly people around while I was in a burning building....
  • In my opinion, "stupid and heroic" are mutually incompatible. "Heroic" implies doing what needs to be done in spite of being scared half to death. It takes a degree of intellect to figure out "what needs to be done."
  • Stupid and heroic usually means a quicker way to die. Smart and cowardly could be mean survival. A smart person could find a way to talk their way out of trouble or find a safe solution.
  • Ok, I do not intend for this to be a racist answer so I'm sorry if it offends anyone. Anyways, have you seen the success rate of white quarterbacks as compared to black quarterbacks in the NFL? How about the fact that among Fortune500 corporations, there are only 3 black CEO's? The reason is, that a black person is more likely to make an impulsive decision than a white person. Stupid & Heroic usually leads to impulsive decisions (Micheal Vick's QB Rush, Culpeppers random darts, Ocho-Cino's name change) which has a higher chance of failure. Now, likeliness to make impulsive decisions isn't necessarily a bad trait. It does well when you're a running back, it works good when picking up girls etc etc. However, when it's time to make a calculated judgment and secure the outcome, it's better to be smart and cowardly than stupid and heroic. Long answer, but I hope it helps :)
  • Depends on what you want to do with the end result of either. "Better" is relative... I know of some really so called "stupid" and reckless jack-ass types that used their own supposed "stupidity" to make a fortune doing extreme sports and idiot television, because they are a bit dense and reckless, Im positive that they wouldn't think twice about crashing into a burning building to save a baby... And not just Government alone is full of smart and cowardly... Politicians fit that bill... (With the exception of John McCain.)And some Lawyers and Doctors even are cowardly, yet really smart so... It depends. So... Make use of what you've got either way, I say!
  • smart and heroic works for me!!!!
  • Funny, how one assumes intellect and heroism cannot co-exist. Then again, you rarely hear of heroes until they're dead, which doesn't sound very smart. Still, heroes get remembered, cowards do not.
  • It is better to be smart and cowardly,at least you live another day.It is no use to you if you are a dead hero.
  • probably the smart and cowardly will live a better life, but the stupid and heroic would have more fun.
  • I've always admired Forest Gump. Here's the deal: I cannot change my intelligence quotient much, but I can maximize my potential. Basic intelligence is a genetic issue. Heroism and cowardice are character issues. I can develp my character. I guess it all depends on what my goals and values are. Both kinds of folks can make contributions.
  • stupid & heroic +5

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