• 8-23-2017 No, I would like to live with a different culture person so she could laugh at my attempts to learn her language. Like in pidgin the word for dick is a variation of the word for banana, so it's real easy to say number ten. (#10 means bad.)
  • Teaching proper English in a calm manner: Yes. Yelling at a person: No.
  • IMO one should gently correct a foreigner's mistakes trying to talk English. We should respect everyone's culture too.
  • You used a split infinitive (split with a preposition nonetheless)! I'm telling your English teacher! I'm sure this will go onto your permanent record.
  • What because we're so great at speaking other languages? I love talking to people from other countries, and I'm grateful that many have learned English as a second language. I regret not doing so myself at an early age, it's so much easier. I've even used Google translate to have conversations with non English speaking people on websites.

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