• I have always felt that they would not be worth it. If I have time to go on vacation, I would get bored with going the same place all the time.
  • It depends on how much you travel and if you'll keep going back to the same place. Larger companies like RCI offer you the opportunity to change locations when you travel but it's lucrative business with all black out dates and deadlines. I'd say no, I wouldn't recommend it.
  • No way.
  • Not unless you are really happy with going back to the same place over and over again for, say, ten years. You had better like that place *a lot*.
  • Instead of just purchasing a timeshare you should try renting one first and evaluate the place after you stayed there. You can find plenty of GREAT resorts cheaper than your nice hotels. Just go to Google and type in "Rent timeshare" and see what pops up! you have plenty of selection to choose from.
  • If you are really going to use the timeshare -they are wonderful - if not they are worth absolutely nothing so it's really up to you
  • Not worth it to me. When I leave a place, I like to really leave it, then on to something new. Whenever I find something worth hanging onto, I like to personalize it, which is against the rules for most timeshares, and that would mean restrictions on too many things: no rototiller in the livingroom, restricting my hidden gun placements, storage of sensitive personal items and documents, no casual distribution of objects. With timeshare locking using into specific calendar periods, usage would govern my life at those times, or would require forfeiture of the paid-for time window. Why would anyone pay for something that controls them or simply makes their investment disappear? Not me. I've had enough of that with rental storage.
  • I have had friends that have bought times shares and found it useless.There is too many restrictions and too little of options of destinations.And with the high cost of timeshares it is not worth the money.
  • I wouldn't. I don't really have anything to add aside from tntsolid's great advice, other than a personal anecdote about the number of scamming companies out there. A good deal of them will not be upfront with you about the fine print, and you will find it very difficult to use your timeshare easily or to get rid of it if it doesn't work for you. My parents were locked in a similar situation for years that wound up eating up a good deal of money they could have spent on other things, like retirement or what have you. Eventually they were able to shake loose through a Timeshare Relief title transfer, but in general it was a horrid experience. I've heard positive testimony, too, from other people, but I'm forever against timeshares on principle due to this experience.
  • Timeshare is definitely for people with NO FINANCIAL problems and when doing it for the RIGHT reasons and under the RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES it can be a GOOD THING. BIG "NO,NOS" IN TIMESHARE: *If you normally spend less than $100 USD a night for accommodations then timeshare is NOT FOR YOU *It is not a financial investment *Don´t buy if you plan to rent it *Don´t buy if you plan on reselling *Don´t buy if you plan on exchanging often *Make sure you can afford to travel at least one week a year *NEVER BUY FROM THE DEVELOPER THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES: *This system makes vacation home ownership possible for many people who cannot afford a second home or who otherwise would not be able to enjoy such resort facilities. Timeshare is an investment in lifestyle, in future holidays, in family time together, and when viewed that way it can be a good investment indeed. *Get it in an area the you LOVE and that you would visit every year without a problem *Get it in a very nice Resort (where normally people would pay at least $200 a night) *Get it in the resale market (it would cost you less than $1000 USD) so all what you have to spend is the maintenance fee. HERE ARE THE NUMBERS: $200 USD a night (in a decent resort) x 6 nights = $1200 USD Maintenance fee in a NICE RESORT x 6 nights = $700 *Maintenance in a "decent resort" x 6 nights = $400

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