• Yes, but with a heavy vig.
  • no, im out of work
  • I only lend money on the idea that it's not a loan, but a gift. The best way to end a friendship is to loan money and expect to be repaid.
  • only an amount I can afford to lose.
  • No. I give money as a gift, because I've found that when people say they will repay, they don't. If I really want to help someone out, I'll do it without expecting repayment, and if I can't afford that, I just say no.
  • Nope. Not anymore. Been burned too many times by that fire.
  • Yes. Almost always end up regretting it, but usually not for more than a day or two. I'm pretty philosophical about it. That is: I consider an unrepaid loan to be useful and insightful information regarding the character of the person to whom the loan was made. In a way: money well spent.
    • Linda Joy
      I get it. If you loan someone $20 and you never see them again it was probably worth the money!
    • Army Veteran
  • I live within my means, so I seldom have to borrow money. When I do, I always pay it back. This has earned me a great reputation for honesty and credibility. People who ask to borrow money from me know this and are more inclined to pay me back. If they don't, I call it the price of an education and give them a pass the next time. They know this, too.
    • Chicagoan
      "This has earned me a great reputation for honesty" --- Too bad we can't see more of that in your posts here....
    • Army Veteran
  • will always lend $ to loved ones only ..
  • I've loan money to friends
  • If I had a friend who needed money then I would give them money to help them out. I would not expect it back.

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