• the term itself is not offensive. i agree with your approach that it is just an attempt to make some people look bad.
  • Use of the term "pro-abortion" is usually in retaliation for those who use the term "anti-choice". I personally don't see how anyone who is for abortion could find it offensive, although I could see how those against it might find it offensive in concept.
  • no one can offend you unless you allow them to. But it is an attemp to demonize those who are for abortions being leagle, must the same what that those people chose their own title of "pro-choice" to make it sound like they are not in favor of the leagle option for women to end a potential life. Both titles are accurate, but either title might be offensive to someone with a differnt view from the person using the term.
  • I never thought about the term before, but it is a strange one. Pro- means all for it. eg pro-green
  • I don't personally find it an offensive term. However, some people may agree with you, as I'm fairly certain it has been politcially replaced by the term "pro-choice".
  • I don't find it particularly offensive, but it is purposefully misleading and intended to (as you say) demonize those who are pro-choice.
  • I don't know, Am I the only one who finds Abortion offensive...I think it is probably an attempt to demonize those who have no responsibility or control when it comes to their bodies, and use abortion as birth control.....And Yes, Planned Parenthood goes around suggesting abortion as a remedy to their inconvenience....And thanks to the Messiah Obama, we all get to pay for it now...NICE!!!!
  • I would say you are right and it is an attempt to demonise those who support the right to choose, it goes along with calling them murderers. I find that more offensive as murder is a legal term for the unlawful killing of another human being and since abortion is legal it is certianly not murder.
  • Actually, in China - they are "pro-abortion". If you have one child, that is all you're allowed to have. If you concieve again, and the government finds out, they will force you to have an abortion - even if that child is wanted by the parents. If you are able to hide that pregnancy, the child born will be a "non-person" according to the Chinese government. I'd call that pretty "pro-abortion". Edited to add: When you are pregnant, they will include a test (if you are at risk) to see if the baby has down-syndrome. After that, if you go to a OBGYN who performs abortions, they will sometimes counsel this as an option.
  • it beats the hell out of "pro-coat hanger". There used to be a site that sold shirts that said that
  • Truth support baby-killing over adoption and or just accepting responsibility for fu$king.
  • I think pro-abortion is the wrong word, there shouldn't be a pro or con in this situation. What should be given is the option to make your own choice and call it free will. People who are totally against abortion don't have the brain cells to think why someone would want to kill of a fetus. It's simply there way of thinking or your evil, these are the people who should be silenced because they don't have the right to dictate someone else's life.
  • I am pro-baby-killing.
  • It shouldn't be offensive since we all know that the pro-abortion and pro-choice people are the same individuals, except that pro-choice sounds more politically correct. Kind of like the War Department is now called the Department of Defense. Same thing but Defense sounds better than War.
  • You're splitting hairs...PRO anything doesn't mean someone is actively doing anything, it means that is what they stand for, believe in, lean towards, agree with. Anyone who is not for God, is against God. Abortion is the same thing, if you are not against abortion, then you automatically are for it. If you think you are neutral, you are lying to's like the fictional story of the bat. Once upon a time there was a feud between birds and rodents. The bat didn't want to choose either side and thought he could remain neutral, but both the birds and the rodents felt betrayed by the bats not taking THEIR side, so once peace came and feud was over, the bat was not accepted by either the birds or the rodents and has to fly around at night because it isn't welcome in the light of day.....just an analogy but stop being so self-righteous and take a stand one way or the other. By pretending to say you are not pro-or-anti anything but are neutral, you are saying you don't care at all and if that is so, then why be offended in the first place? The very sense of offense means you are NOT neutral and are just feeling GUILT when you are called on your stand. Good. Guilt is good, it leads to repentance and a change of heart.
  • Why do you suppose they invented the term 'pro-choice', when the issue IS whether an abortion should or should not be legal? And yes, Planned Parenthood is notorious for doing exactly that. They even fought to silence doctors regarding informing women about the stages of gestation for fear that they would see and recognize a CHILD within them. And any 'choice' is made in bed, not an abortuary.
  • well, you are either for abortion or you are against it. You're on one side of the other. Even if you are for abortion in only certain situations, you are still for it. If you are for a womans right to choose, then you are PRO-abortion.
  • Yes, definitely, for reasons which I find needless to state as you already have better than I ever could in several comment threads connected to this question.
  • When pro-choice people refer to those of us who dare to take a stand for the unborn, they will sometimes call us "anti-choice", so if I say that they're pro-abortion, I feel that it is acceptable. If someone is offended by this, perhaps they should consider how odious and offensive the act of abortion is in the first place. At any rate, the proponents of abortion would like to distance abortion from the fact of the matter: it is taking the life of an unborn human being, regardless of whatever kind of politically correct name they want to hang on it.
  • I used to use the term 'pro-abortion' to describe myself and others who were pro-choice because I didn't understand what it meant. When I refered to myself as 'pro-abortion' I meant I was all for keeping abortion safe and legal, but I think people interpreted my statement as being all for every women getting an abortion. When people are threatened by your politics they are gonna make digs at you to try to reduce the legitimacy of your position. I think the term is meant to be vulgar.
  • If I support and defend the right to CHOOSE to legally bomb (fill in the blank) in order to kill strangers, am I pro-choice?

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