• Camping and visiting cool stuff during the day like castles, beaches, museums and cider farms, going mountain biking and flying kites, and then siting round the fire in the evening drinking, playing guitars eating burnt food. Heaven. I'd live my hole life that if I could. Wales is best for all of the above but it rains a lot. Cornwall also rocks. Looking to go to france for more of the same next year.
  • I pick 3, then 2 then 1. My favourite place to visit is London, England. After that, anyplace warm with a beach is great. Staying home is okay but not for a huge amount of time.
  • Shopping in NYC was one of the best.
  • None of those. I like being in nature, sightseeing through a grand wilderness, hiking, camping, canoing, climbing. Or it could even be walking in the woods right outside our door.
  • Natural or historic places. Georgia.
  • Option #3. London, England.
  • ... study / training part time at an exotic, relaxing site ... ... this is my favourite ... and as a martial arts instructor running my own self defense & health science instruction business, this type of training / vacation is completely tax deductible as a business training expense! .
  • A resort is nice, but I like them in the Moutians. You can hike and sit in the shade and enjoy nature. I was on a beach last fall and in June and it was nice but the sun was too hot and I don't swim anymore except in a pool or lake. Branched Oak lake near my home is a nice place to go and relax.
  • Resort and lake beach near my home. We go and sit in the shade, watch the scenery and relax. Branched Oak Lake in Nebraska.
  • We as a family love going to the beach. We most often go to Silver Beach on Lake Michigan. My favorite vaca with my husband is to a log cabin in the woods in the winter. So warm and cozy and peaceful:)

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