• No. I have worked on too many of them to know I don't want one for myself.
  • Yes, I lived on a farm as a child, and my grandparents on both sides had them while I was growing up. I would love to be a farm owner, and have a crew to do all the work for me.
  • I live in rural area and know how hard farming is, so no, I wouldn't want a farm, unless it was a very profitable one, in which case I could hire farm managers and so on to run it for me, and I would be free to ride horses and play with the little piggies and goats.
  • Yes! I have always wanted to be self-sufficient when it comes to food.
  • Yes, a hobby farm of mostly miniature livestock
  • A hobby farm, not a full-functioning farm.
  • I have wanted a farm or a ranch for a long time that would also serve as a sanctuary for unwanted dogs.
  • Yes. I love animals, and I love the country. The idea of being with someone I love in a place like that seems kind of like a paradise. As long as it's right off the city and I can have the best of both worlds :)
  • I wanted animals and to raise things since being a child. I did have a ranch back in California, sort of a homestead where we raised all sorts of animals, grew lots of things and enjoyed a rather pioneering lifestyle.
  • I did when I was younger. Then I visited my cousins farm. It's a lot of labor intensive work. Anyone that knows me knows that is not my bag
  • No. Sorry. I grew up on a working farm. It is not for me. To much work for too little income. And no vacations...ever. You have to be a really big-time farmer to live a good life anymore. Even then, the conglomerates are always after you to sell out. They will tell you constantly how you cannot compete. It is threats, but you can't accuse them of threatening you, because they never word it in the terms that would get them censured or convicted.
  • I thought of having a funny farm.A kind of community where farmers just come to tell jokes,and shoot the breeze.The crop would consist of new puns,jokes and wittiness ,except maybe a still will be there to make the moonshine.
  • Oh yes! Ever since I was a child I dreamed of living on a farm.When we moved to the country 13 years ago I thought,"this is it, I can finally have a little farm with some animals and grow some veggies". But, it never materialized. I settled for a dog and a cat and all the wonderful animals that visited my yard.I did however paint a mural on my barn door of some farm animals. The great thing about that was I still had the animals but none of the work!! lol Sorry to hear you have a cold keith. Hope your feeling better soon!
  • have to say, No., Farms are incredibly hard work, long hours, large investment, and basically a special way of life. I do love the peace and quite of a country, but for a short time only. Id miss the availability of city living as such. I would tend to want to be by the sea more than on a farm !
  • I would like to have a farm with cows and chickens and pigs and horses, not too many. I would not kill any of them for food. I would not sell any of them to be killed for food. I would want to be friends with all my farm animals. Lots of people are like that.
  • Yeah, as a kid I thought it would be cool. But after growing up I realized that it is a lot of work, for little pay and largely dependant on having the right weather at the right time. Plus if there is livestock involved, then you are pretty much stuck there. Cows have to be milked twice a day, all animals have to be fed and cleaned up after and all that. I like to take off and go places on my days off, and with farming there's just not very many days off. My hat is off to those who do it!
  • only if clark kent worked on it
  • No - I'm not an outdoor kind of person and it's too much work with too much risk because of factors you can't control.
  • Once or twice, until the reality of all thast work steps in. Wickels will remain farm free!
  • I had a SETI farm once. I built it cause I thought I wanted, yeah.
  • As soon as I get a degree in agriculture, and swing a huge loan, then I will get a farm, lol. Just my little garden and a few chickens is plenty of work, I wouldn't want that on a big scale.
  • yes since i was a kid i really like farm life but i won't be as dedicated as others. i'll let others till the soil for me

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