• I have a black pinstripe suit. And no, I'm pretty much all woman in that thing lol
  • Good question, I have an old suit that was my Dad's (he got in 1984) that I used to wear for job interviews, weddings and funerals, I also wore it to court once. Then I got a new suit also for the same things although I haven't had to stand before a judge in it yet. Earlier this year I got married so I got a very nice savile row suit for that. So basically I have owned three suits in my life and only worn them when I have had no other choice! I think ladies look great whatever they wear.
  • I own bunches of skirt suits in just about every color there is. I wear them to work--and sometimes to church, etc. The opposite sex in a suit...of course. :D
  • I have a dark blue one left from before I retired and two sport coats with matching slacks (brown and gray mixed). I also have a new black suit and a great and well tailed tan one from my son's wedding.
  • I don't like suits, so i don't own one. I live in bikinis, jeans, short shorts, crop tops and mini skirts, and i like guys to wear nothing much and no suits :)

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