• I don't think so, at least not in my town. I don't see people pulled over too often--just for very obvious infractions.
  • I live in a small town and I really think it just depends on the cop. Some are super gung ho and will pull people over for anything just to get some action. Others though, just sit around. Literally.
  • Good question- I hate to generalize like that, but I think you may have a point.
  • I have seen them actually target certain individuals. It happens ALOT.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      They target certain people, and they also do "profiling" (pull you over for being pretty and having breasts, pull you over if youre black, pull you over if youre poor, or young. It just seems to them like more likely places to find wrongdoing or fun they can have.
  • I think in some cases, this is true. Whether it's boredom or they are trying to meet a "quota"/increase revenue...some cops DO do that. I live in a large city, but there are some small townships that are known "speed traps" in the area where they pull people over all of the time for the most ridiculous reasons.
  • Yes. I have been stopped and they love to talk, I think it is great, they are human.
  • man in my small as hick town they beat you if you run i watched my buddie get stomped over nothing at all he ran then they screamed get down and he did and they started booting him in the back! I was no more then 10 feet away lookin through a bush i couldnt help him tho or else i wold be in prison right now hahah
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Lesson ----- don't run.
  • Cops pull people over because they're violating the traffic law in some way. I do think some small towns rely more heavily on revenue from tickets. I recently got caught in a speed trap where the speed limit dropped by 10 mph for 1/4 of a mile. And wouldn't you know their was a cop laying in wait. He could have given me a warning, but you know what? I was speeding. Cops who pull people over are doing what the citizens pay them to do.
  • Yes they do. It's all about that money.
  • Here's my rant. It's all based on solid... opinion. I live in a medium sized city pop 75,000 with our own police force and I think there is a connection between small towns and tickets. In my neck of the woods the provincial police cover all of the small towns and they have random police stations spread throughout. I've been ticketed for speeding 6 or 7 times in the last 8 years and all but one was from the provincial police around one of the small towns. Every grouping of 20 buildings in our area seems to warrant a decrease in speed from 90KPH to 60KPH. 90 is too slow to begin with so most people are going about 100-110 and when you miss the sign that says 60 begins your looking at a $300 ticket. If you happen to get caught going 110 or more in a 60 zone than the police can impound your vehicle for 1 week because of new speeding laws. I should also mention that this is on the TransCanada highway. The only highway that spans from coast to coast. The rural roads, including dirt roads, in our area have a speed limit of 80KPH unless otherwise posted and yet for some reason whenever you go through a small town on the highway that has a police station the speed drops to 60KPH. I think that it must be boring to sit at a speed trap all day but I don't think they do it because they have nothing else to do. I feel sorry for the cops who think they're going to "make a difference" or "serve and protect" and then end up sitting in a speed trap for the majority of their carreer. The reason they ticket people driving the highway is because they're really just glorified tax collectors. It's easy money and they need the revenue from the tickets. There are enough rumors out there about cops having to meet their quotas for tickets that there must be some truth to it. Does anyone really think that speeding tickets will deter speeding? If so than you would think that the number of speeders would reduce over the years.
  • no because the small towns need the revenue
  • Maybe they're short on their quota of tickets for the month. LOL
    • Hardcore Conservative
      In most states, quotas are illegal.
  • That's part of what they're paid to do.
  • The reason is because white people. Tis all
  • I'm from a small town, and I don't just think that's true, it is true. They get bored! In the city, you could be sucking vodka from a quart bottle and stabbing your passenger as you drive by a cruiser and not get pulled over, but in the small'll be the only car on the road and oops, blue lights, someone wants to play!

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