• That's kind of a broad question, but it would depend on the person I guess. If I deeply cared for someone I would put a lot of effort into it.
  • I went as far as it was possible to go. The only thing left to do was to interrupt the wedding, but she had already made her choice clear.
  • I have done some things lately, not for myself, but for my mom and my step father. It has not worked but I have to try, I hate seeing my mom hurt so much, but the honest truth hurts more.
  • that's the same question i'm askin myself right now for the most part because women around my area are just not faithful or we have nothing in common or of course they're married so i'm thinkin i'm gonna go for it. maybe you should do the same but it depends on alot
  • hazel1908--- WHAT????????
  • Further than I would to keep a Hampster alive but not as far as I would to keep a human alive?
  • i went further than i had planned to go before marriage, i was about to leave my family for him.. but then i just learned not to trust anybody and to love yourself and your family (whoever that might be) before you give yourself into a relationship... people are not to be trusted, they can hurt you easily if youre too vulnerable.
  • Well, she was travelling too much and wherever became too far.
  • I would go to the ends of the earth, if I knew how what to do. My bf broke up with me tonight because he said he likes me and I did nothing wrong, he just doesn't feel anything and doesn't want to hurt me. Said I treated him better than anybody ever has. I think, from past hurts, he's just afraid to let himself love. I don't know how to fight that. Hope IS all I have now. Not even too sure about that.
  • Not very. It's just not what rules my life.
  • I wouldn't. I think if it is right, it goes very smoothly, easily, calmly. So any manipulation or effort to keep something going is misplaced..if it takes effort, it probably won't last or go the distance. Just my opinion, of course! :) Happy Tuesday! :)
  • I AM going as far as possible NOW. I just hope it will work really soon.
  • As long as i Live,Keep Hoping & Believing! I have Faith.
  • Pretty far. Few things are worth fighting for more than love.

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