• Captain underpants!!!
  • atom ant. in some things atleast to some degree size matters.
  • I think several. Invisible man, well, you wouldn't even know he was there. And what about if that pertains to...well, you know, intimate moments? :-) Flash...for obvious reasons! :-) And Batman. He has great toys--batcave, car, helicopter, computers...but he has a very unusual relationship with Robin. His ward??? Hmmm....makes me wonder about the Boy Wonder.... :-)
  • HellBoy ! hes a hard one to handle ,,
  • Spiderman...Women HATE spiders !
  • Well, spider man, can you imagine trying to make love with him having sticky spider hands and having all the bad guys come after you? Batman, well, can you imagine having a man that spends most of his time in his cave or car? Oh, wait, my husband already does that. Superman. If he's so good looking, why masquerade as a nerd? Besides, I don't trust men that wear tights. James Bond, okay, 007 isn't a superhero per say, but all the danger, excitement, and women would get a little old. especially, Menny Penny. Underdog, well, need I say more. He's a dog and he can talk. A bad match from the beginning. The Incredible Hulk, oh my. You'd have a good looking man with a huge temper that turned green with red eyes. Ewww! Not to mention all of the clothes that would have to be replaced everytime he had a temper tantrum. I would definitely say that he would be the worst.
  • wolverine, I can just imagine him getting over excited and one slip of the retracting bone claws and it's over. And not to mention some serious baggage, cyclops (Gene).
  • Probaly mister fantastic aka eleastic man. One word -flaccid
  • Spawn, perhaps. I just can't imagine The Tick in a relationship. The Punisher. The Spleen, from Mystery Men. Superman, as described in Larry Niven's story "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex":
  • the can't make him angry..otherwise look out
  • batman bcuz i would feel so lonley every night when he is out saving gathom city and yea i agree the hulk also it would be hard to make love to him bcuz when his heart rate rises well u know:)
  • Aquaman.Don't count on a good hair day,ever.
  • Edit: Okay, Mr. Picky, then I'm going with Mr. Incredible...because his chest is so massive he'd crush me in bed :P Original Answer Invisible Man He'd disappear when you needed him most.
  • The "Flash" for obvious reasons
  • The Torch Robin Aquaman
  • Most of them. They're away getting into trouble, or out of trouble all the time, and neglecting their families. Probably miss their kids' Soccer and T-Ball games ALL THE TIME!
  • Batman.. didn't you watch the dark knight? They could never be together.
  • I would think Superman... Ever hear of "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", by Larry Niven? See it at
  • Supergirl and Krypto!
  • Superman, if he insisted on wearing underpants over his tights in the bedroom,...

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