• relacore, but all that stuff is really bad for you, like those energy drinks. but if you want to lose weight fast relacore is the ticket. it tells you not to use it unless you're really overweight but i did. i went from 135 to 110 in a little over a month.
  • If you go with any diet pill, make sure its one approved by the FDA (not one that you see in the back of a magazine or "herbal supplement"). Alli is an example of an approved drug, plus its now available OTC. Be sure to check with your doc though, before you take anything - there could be a chance of drug interactions!
  • phen-fen.....but i used it as directed and only for 3 months; lost 40 lbs of "baby fat"..haha too bad they took it off the market since it was probably the misuse of the drug and not the drug itself that was the problem....u can still get the phentermine part (it's just speed) but it doesn't seem to make me as jittery as over-the-counter stuff
  • Sensible eating and proper exercise lol.
  • Selfcontrol.
  • haven't found one yet...but..did anyone watch the Oprah show tuesday...about the calorie restriction diet and tissue regeneration?
  • Acaiburn is pretty good also.
  • I suggest diet, exercise, lifestyle change... no pills please, too dangerous
  • Never used them..and I never would..I don't believe in them..also for many people they don't actually work..
  • Weight Watchers diet.
  • Never tried a diet pill, very unhealthy for you.
  • Phentramin-d Diet Pills!!! Because, this works best for me. I've lost my 39 pounds in 6 months with Phentramin-d. But, i also do exercise daily. Because exercise is very important with this pill. For Phentramin-d related more details ----> Best Of Luck!
  • Recently, I bought was my third purchase of Phentramin-D supplement. It is really works for me. I’ve lost 42 lbs in a 4 month and I am still losing by taking Phentramin-D and doing some exercise. This supplement works only, when you eat diet healthy foods & do some exercise daily. Good Luck!!! for more info -->

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