• there's no way to get into someone else's brain ..BUT .. it's SO unlikely that they are being honest with themselves. this doesn't mean that we are shallow beings, it just means that what we see goes into our mind and is judged subconsciously. it's the same with people and with things. if u see a color u like, ur mind goes oo i like that! or gross i don't like that. it's not like u sit there and say i like this i don't like this about everything u see, but ur mind does and it stays in there. this is how people form opinions! because past experiences stay in ur mind even if u have no idea and u base how u think, feel, act on what is inside ur mind. so the same thing goes for food. if u have a great time with someone and ur really happy and u have a great burrito, u'll probably LOVE that burrito and say oh my favorite food is a burrito. make any sense? the same goes for people! if u see someone, it's not like u sit there and go ew they're not my type or oh i like her hair and eyes but her nose is weird. but ur mind does! so when u see someone it is impossible not to judge based on appearance. yes, u can look past what u see on the outside and get to know someone and then if u like their personality their looks become more appealing, and u can choose to try to like someone even if u don't like their exterior. but the only way to truly get to know someone's personality and not judge them from the outside is if u meet them online or talk to them on the phone and have no idea what they look like! it's not like people want to judge other people or that judging means stereotyping or anything like that, but the way ur brain works is it puts everything into categories, like a filing cabinet. part of that includes things that are aesthetically pleasing and things that aren't. again, this goes for people and everything else too. people are not excluded from this and therefore there is no way to not judge someone based solely on their appearance or solely on their personality. a judgement comes from the entire package a person has to offer another person. ur friend who goes for personality "only" may just choose to give everyone a chance regardless of what they look like but would a relationship work with him and someone he wasn't attracted to work? i think after time he would either learn to love the persons exterior because of their personality or it wouldn't work because who wants to be around something that isn't pleasing to their eye?? this is why we have "types" and that age old question "what's ur type?" long and rambling .. but i hope this helps!! :)
  • If your dog rough they won't want to get to know your personality. This answer is given by them so as not to feel shallow.
  • some might be honest, it depends on the person since everyone is different

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