• Dude i am having that same problem !! The PS2 isn't even a year old and i have 3 BRAND NEW games that aren't scratched or anything and it won't load! It loads CDs but nothing else !
  • I just bought my son this same game last night at walmart and it will not laod on his PS2. I went to the movie store and rented the same game just to see if it was the game I had bought and it still will not load. If anyone has and advice please let me know. Thank you . Cleaned lens with a dvd cleaner and the game works perfect now.
  • I tried the laser cleaner, and it didn't work for me. I have taken the game back and tried another one, and it worked one time and now does the same thing as the first one, which is just doesn't read the disc at all. All my other movies and games work fine.
  • I'm having the same problem, I just got it today. Never had problems like that, all my other games and dvds work. I got mine on ebay and just hope i'll get a refund
  • I got the same problem, with GOW and grand turismo 4
  • the slis brake verry quik plus thay over heat fsast keep it standing up for better air flow it willl last longer then and clean the leans
  • my too is geting fucking tired i bought god of war 1 and 2 1 work for but not know it says disk error but the the disk is perfect

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