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  • that's pretty good if you know exactly when you ovulate, cause I don't. My understanding is that it takes the egg a day or so to travel to the uterus and that it can take the sperm 3 days with travelling to fertilize the egg. I'd say your chances are higher than the week before your period. Remember, the boyfriends never really care if you get pregnant, it won't affect their lives much.
  • Your chances are pretty good. It takes a few days for the sperm and egg to travel, and the sperm stay viable for quite a few days. However, just because the timing is right doesn't necessarily mean you'll get pregnant.
  • Can I be pregnant if my boyfriend came in me a day before my fertile and ovulations day
  • i had sex about 3 days prior ovulation. We had sex twice that day and he cummed alot. That was one of my most fertile days. Now almost six days later i hav light cramping and milky discharge and MAN im energyless and tired. What is my chances of becoming pregnant!

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