• I would consider it humour! Isn't the world in a tragic state when we go around looking for things to find offensive? Perhaps if overly avid Christians (and other religious fanatics)didn't try to convert everyone they spoke to, or tell us that unless we get down on our knees and pray we are doomed, they wouldn't be setting themselves up as the target of such jokes.
  • Not hate speech. Even if it is I support it. Enough with all these soft bellied worms that call themselves Americans. What happened to us? Bring back the real men!
  • I think it borders on hate speech. Only the fact that lions are no longer available to use in that way prevents it from crossing the line. It's like saying 'So many ni***rs, so few shackles.'
  • It sounds pretty humorous but look at it in a different light.... Would it be any different to say "So many jews, not enough bullets"?
  • With so many other things out there that are blatently obvious about being rude and offensive, no. The parody which makes this humorous is the sheer absurdity of the circumstances...the requirement of the lions, to be exact. This makes it more humorous than offensive to me. You have to have a lion to affect physical injury to a Christian per this statement. And lions aren't readily available to the average person at all. It would be different if it were "So many Christians, not enough bullets".
  • It's funny... I find that Christians, Catholics and the related religions don't have a great sense of humor when it comes to themselves...
  • It's just humorous unless you stop and think about it. Like that song, 'Throw another Jew on the fire..." Funny except that it refers to the deaths of 6 million human beings.
  • I could be. But it depends on the context ---as was mentioned about Jews. In Lynchburg, it'd likely be funny ---for me at least. In Pakistan, where the Christian minority (though numerically significant) I might (peacefully---and with respect to rights) react.
  • Yes, it is hate speech. Replace "Christians" with any denomination, religion, or race. Replace "lions" with any weapon or mean animal, same message. It's not funny at all.
  • freedom of speech you chose to be religious, you can change that. a black man cant become Asian, but you can become Buddhist, or atheist.
  • Well, you could look at it and say "ah, they wish there were a way to prove the real Christians!" but yes, they probably mean it to sound offensive. I wouldn't call it hate speech, because I doubt the person is seriously advocating throwing Christians to the lions, but I would call it offensive and immature.
  • I'm christian and find it funny...but what does my opinion count for anyway.
  • No, it's not hate speech, just a funny bumper sticker. It's also a reminder and a wake-up call that Christians are trying to do to America what Muslims have already done to Saudi Arabia and what the Taliban are doing to Afghanistan. Christians are OK as long as they stay out of politics. We don't need a theocracy. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are just fine, thanks.
  • It is a harsh mockery of a religious belief that implies that the person who placed the sticker on the bumper can't stand Christians, but I can't equate it with the same kind of hate as racism, sexism, or the mockery of the disabled. The phrase is too poorly composed to indicate anything but ignorance. To make any sense it should read, "So many Christians, so few lions." As it stands it lacks clarity or definition, not unlike its writer or the driver who somehow thought it clever. One should weigh the value of any emotional reaction to such a puerile cry for attention.
  • I think it would be similar to saying "So many blacks, not enough rope" or "Have you beat up a Gay man today" Seems funny what is offensive today and what is not. Both sound the same to me.
  • its funny. we can bash christians and laugh about it. try and bash Muslims, they bash back.
  • That depends. Romans used to feed the Christians to lions, so it could be taken as though they want to rid the world of us. On the other hand, there is the story of Daniel and the lions' den in the bible. Daniel was thrown in with the lions, but God protected him throughout the night. In the morning when the king found him unharmed, it was a great witness to him. Maybe they are suggesting we need more miracles to make people believe. It's all in how you look at things. :)
  • Its prety offensive. In any light I think. But people havethe right to feel and say the way they want. It all depends on the persons intent I guess.
  • Yes, it is hate speech but we (Christians) should rejoice at it; Jesus told us it would happen, so no one should be surprised.
  • Maybe it is a statement about human over population. And the fact that lions are endangered. Create your own reality. LOL
  • Yes I do think it's hate speech. It's unkind and violent and I'm sure if it was about gays people would be outraged. I don't see the humor in putting any culture, race, segment of the population up to ridicule especially promoting or wishing something violent happening to them.
  • No more violent than the big fish eating the fish with legs. Christians lose their sense of humors first.
  • It's basically saying Christians need to be killed...not exactly a loving statement!!!
  • No. It was certainly done out of jest. I seriously doubt they are actually feeding any Christians to lions. A little over the top, if you ask me. But easily ignored.
  • Sure it is, but that's A-OK in America today.
  • I just think it's very funny - isn't that what most bumper stickers are for?
  • Not at all. Christians have been mocked since the beginning of Christianity. 1 Corinthians 4:10 "We are fools for Christ’s sake, but you are wise in Christ. We are weak, but you are strong. You are held in honor, but we in disrepute."

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