• not sure...sounds as if you should see a specialist.
  • I don't know but I have the same thing and when I checked with a few other ladies they, too, had experienced this phenomenon. I eagerly await anyone with a decent answer!
  • Sometimes these things could be linked to internal problems.. a bit like all the points are attached if that makes sense... A bit like reflexology massages the feet to help the rest of the body you might have symptoms in other places apart from the real area affected. I hope this helps...
  • Hi. I can't offer a solution, but I was somewhat relieved to hear I'm not the only person. My itch finally prompted me to google on "constant localized back itch" (without the quotes), and your question topped the results. My back has itched in the same spot for 2 years now.
  • Me, too! Is it only females that experience this?
  • I, too, have an itchy spot on my back. There is no rash or anything that should be causing it to itch. What's even worse is I have a mole that is right next to it so I accidentally scratch it and hurt it all of the time because of this annoying itch on my back. Would be nice to know what it is.
  • No, I'm a male and I too have an irritating back itch. Mines in the center of my back, just left of my spine, I've had it for years and it's really annoying.
  • I have one of these. It is just below my right shoulder blade. About drives me crazy. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said he had one like it and could never find a reason for it. I began to object, thinking he didn't understand, when he reached around behind me and pressed PRECISELY on the itchy spot to illustrate that he did understand. So, it seems there is a phenomena of an itchy spot on the back that has no medically known reason and does no damage if you don't scratch too hard!
  • I can't tell without seeing it, but one possibility is ringworm, which is not actually a parasite but rather a fungal infection. When it is in the groin area it is called jock itch, but it can appear most anywhere on your body. It is easily cured with anti-fungal cream. You should have a doctor look at it during your next checkup.
  • Think of itching as "pain with the volume turned down". It sounds like maybe the tissue/nerve endings at that spot in your back are mildly irritated, but instead of pain, you sense an itch.
  • Try to remember, did you ever take your price tag off?
  • its probably a small spot of nerves thats stressin out cause its maybe being pinched by muscles in your shoulders, or neck where the muscles might tighten with stress with certain movements, like excersize or labor you might just need a REALLY good back rub and massage im not a masseur or anything but my mom gets similar things, ive had it before, and so has my g-ma its pretty common
  • all any of us can do is guess...check out a dermatologist and yep, a massage might help also.
  • An itch is a miss interpreted pain/distress signal. Read and next time it starts to itch do not scratch process that signal extract all the information from it and then you will know what causes it and how to fix it.
  • I wish I had an answer to this problem as well, as my itch is located just below the right shoulder blade, just where you can't reach it to scratch it. I showed it to my doctor, said it was "all in my head" as there was nothing there.. My Mom went to a dermatologist with the same problem, she got some kind of needle on the itchy area, and all it did was make it worse, so I don't know what it is, but my twin brother has the same problem...sure wish someone had an answer to this, lots of people seem to have the same problem. It does not only itch, but mine seems to shoot out a radiating pain as well, so it has to be some kind of nerve problem...sigh....
  • Carve it out and see if the hole itches.
  • Two of the most common causes are stress or anxiety, and a spot allergy to some synthetic materials. Other possible causes range from the laundry cleaner you use, to a spot infection, to a damaged nerve.
  • I have the same thing, just below mu shoulder blade. My husband told me that he heard Dr. Dean Edell talk about this several days ago on his radio show. I was searching for his commentary when I found this site. I opt to itch the spot or rub it (rather have some one else do it because it is agravatingly out of my reach!!)
  • I had something similar, but instead of itching, it always felt like my skin was on fire - very sensitive to touch or movement, and there didn't seem to be any common cause of it. It hasn't happened in the past few years, so I'm hoping it's gone for good.
  • Hi! I have had this EXACT same problem for 12 years now! My dad has it also. I googled it tonight and I found the answer! It is called Notalgia Paraesthetica. You can google it and get all the info you need. It is not serious, so rest assured. But boy, was I happy to make sense of it! Best Wishes!
  • How about 3 years just under my left shoulderblade.... very irritating.... Dr.'s don't seem to know what the cause or cure might be......
  • I also have a small area on my back (for about a year) that itches now and again and I can't reach it as it's between the middle of my back and the side about 6 inches down so I scratch it with a ruler. I am hoping it is nothing but an occasional irritant because there is no mole there but there is a slightly darkened area in the shap of a triangle about 1cm at it's widest.
  • read the below answer posted on Yahoo i couldn't find any other explanation for my itch until this. I also have the itch in the same spot... right below my right shoulder blade... a nerve thing. I have had it for almost 10 years now, it gets worse as the years go by. I had the shingles in that area when it first started. I read a lot about it... it may be something called Notalgia Paresthetica. You may want to read about it and see if it sounds like what you are feeling. Source(s):
  • That is so weird I have exactly the same thing and for years, it stops but comes back for long periods a few times a year. it sometimes also has a crawling feel under the spot. there seem to be others with the same thing too on the web. Would love to get rid of it! I did have an possable alien abduction experience when i was 8. My sister and i slept in the same bed. One morning we woke up at the foot of the bed with our pillows and all, the bed was not even messed up! i had dreamed that i saw my feet come down on the top of the sanded tar roof of the shed outside our room. If there is something going on and we are tagged, no one wants to know or help us.
  • maybe you should get it checked out
  • get it checked out

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