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  • Wake him up.
  • Um... your finger, maybe some porn? Just pretend that you know, your finger is him and maybe look at him while doing it imaginging it and all.... Search online for cam friends or something, maybe they can help. And of course, wake him up - lol or get a new hubby :P
  • Wake him up, unless hes a jerk hed love for you to wake him up to have sex
  • slowly start kissing your way up his body or down whatever you prefer and if that don't wake him up just jump him and get busy.
  • Unless you are in a healthy sexual relationship I don't think that pouncing on him will get the desired result. In fact, you might just get the opposite reaction which of course could really hurt your feelings and cause great anguish and more frustration. There is nothing worse than being turned down by your mate. It would be helpful to know a little more about your current situation (ie: length of your relationship and marriage, age, how long has this been the situation, was it ever better?). There are obviously reasons for him to be this way. Problems at work, other people, stress...etc.. keep an eye out without being too intrusive or he might resent it. Be playful with him. Make sure that he associates being with you as something to look forward to. You are the guardian of his sanctuary. If he is getting stressed out by something outside your home, he sure as hell will get anxious if he has to get stress at home. If he's not opening up to you, don't push him. When he's ready it will come out. I know this sucks, especially if he isn't doing his share... but think about it, if you're not being part of the problem, you're being part of the solution. In the mean time, if you're not doing any exercise, do some. That will raise the levels of endorphins in your system. Hope to hear back from you. Good luck!
  • everyone is telling you to wake him up.....yes kiss him all over, play with him, touch ,go naked and just use your imagination, if not..hjust play with yourself, go on online and chat with someone like adultfriendfinder you'll find someone there tp play. If not....start talking to him obviously you are fustrated you need him or ask him what's going on?..I need the other person who answered your question, watch some porn that gets me going when I'm alone, and especially when he passes out, I know what you are going through, so I suggest do go online and play! girl!!! GoodLUCK!
  • A man loves to wake up to a woman going down on him. How often do you not get it, that is the true question here.
  • Use the shower, or buy your vibrator and use it when you want. If he freaks out tell him he ain't handling his bussiness.
  • If you have to ask, my best guess is that you don't do much, if any, masturbating. It's not good for you to neglect yourself or to rely on someone else to take care of your needs. It's your body! Feel free to explore and satisfy yourself, whenever you desire, at your own pace, with no one else to have to please but you. Getting to know yourself like this makes you a better lover, more confident and proud of yourself. Learn what YOU like and how YOU like it best and do it over and over, then over again to get it just right. Making time to discover your body can only make sharing sexual experiences better, so be ready to share it with your husband to teach him the best way for you to enjoy your playtime. How fun! Don't think for a moment that vibrators are necessary! They aren't, and in fact, they can be more frustrating than worthy as far as I'm concerned. Personally, I hate them! The sound is a big-o turn off, and their phallic shape makes no sense either - though styles have changed over the years to accomodate the clit and providing the best vibration power there where it's really needed most. Vibrators take far too much effort for what they're worth overall. Not only do they take getting used to, after that's done, addiction to that required feeling in order to orgasm takes over. Use these time wasters with care, and have lots of good batteries or an AC adaptor before settling in for a good night's play! Yep! Nothing beats a finger rub off. It's silent, and easily done most anywhere you're able to get your hands into your pants! It's the ticket too for giving you that perfect relief in those times of need! Now, this is the best for you to do, that is, unless you're a water conservationist! Every woman should own a hand-held Shower Massage by WaterPik to masturbate when she showers. I'm sure other models might work too, but this is the one I've kept my loyalty too for many, glorious water wasting years. Practice makes perfect, and in time you'll be able to "do it" in record time, or linger when feeling the need. Sometimes it's fun to see how many times I can cum before not being able to stand or handle only cold water since I've drained the water heater . . . Get one for yourself over the holidaZe. They're less than 50$, about 40$ for their best model and it's fairly easy to install. Oh, until you get that perfect shower toy, try positioning yourself under the bathtub faucet with the water running / beating onto your clit. The warmth and rhythm of the water is very enticing, but the position will be hard to sustain. Be careful too with water going inside your vagina. A little is okay, but generally it's not safe for it to gush up inside of you. Please DO NOT go online looking for someone to chat with or "have some fun," because nothing good will come from the secrets and lies that are sure to follow. Too many online people are cruel, out to make themselves more than they are and take advantage of innocent, young, lonely, depressed, or inexperienced people. Especially ones who want to fit in, feel liked or appreciated. Being used by someone you know hurts like hell. You absolutely do not want a stranger to make you a fool by playing with your ego. Remember it's easy to be the other person, when the script is being written for them each time they listen to you cry the blues about all your husband hasn't been doing right. All they have to do is not those things, until later, but by them you're hooked and stuck. Similar to a vibrator - Not Worth It! Find a good time to tell your husband you've been thinking about jumping his bones when he's sleeping. Adding that you're afraid he'll be mad at you if you do. Unless he's go something going on you don't know about, he should be tickled pink to hear this and be filled with great anticipation. Then follow through sometime when he's not too tired, or doesn't have early morning plans. Feeling alone or horny sometimes when you're in a relationship is normal. You don't have to feel miserable about it, not when you can take care of yourself, at least until you can share yourself with your partner in passion later.
  • do what i do....wait until he goes to sleep and relive yourself.....but as a alternative answer, let him know how sexually frustrated you are and demand that he meet your sexual needs. tell him if he doesn't than you are going to look into buying some toys that will. if he cares...and has any pride (man pride) he will at least try to meet your needs. no man wants his woman resorting to toys.
  • grab him start playin with yourself while you play with him then wisper in his ear what you want him to do to you it may sound ocward but men loves this he will be awake and very ready
  • I always wake him up rally sweetly and start sucking his d*ck then get on top of him, if he wakes up and helps good if not I got what I wanted and he don't care lol. Or I just use the shower head.
  • Do you have a shower, preferably a power shower? You could get a bit friendly with the showerhead if you know what I mean?
  • Walk in the room naked and wke him up with a big smile on your face.
  • OK, my address is 6 Mano........
  • rape him. its fun to see your man aroused and he's not even awake...ride him like a cowgirl and trust me he'll wake up and when he does it will be too late to back down because his twin is already doing the talking, if he doesnt wake up, ehh who cares atleast you pleased yourself
  • IM glad there are women out there who don't rely on vibrators, they kill the sensation you should be having with your hubby, or anyone else for that matter, my tip would be to wake him up and enjoy yourselves I wish I had my loved-one in bed next to me, because I become a horndog come night time. ; )
  • Use your hands..or wake his ass up :)

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