• I guess you could say gravity; however, gravity is not a proven force so on that note you can't say that..I am going to go with...the pull of a black hole...that would be pretty powerful
  • No! Not at all! Gravity is an exceptionally weak force! Think about it, it takes something with the mass of the earth just to hold us weak little humans to it. Even then we can just jump up! As an example, the force that of attraction between an electron (1s electron to be specific) and a proton is around 10^40 times stronger than gravity. It's just we don't knowingly experience this electromagnetic force, but we see gravity all the time, and so it is given undue attention. EDIT: Indeed stableboy, of course we do or we wouldn't exist! But I said 'knowingly', I meant most people do not realise they experience this force.
  • I would have to say, no. Nice answer, Godfather. Very sceintific. I know that gravity is not the strongest force because God is!
  • I'd say it's about 8th down the list. money, politics, religion, and ego own the top 4 spots!
  • Gravity is the weakest. There are 4 forces in the universe (I don't know order of strength). -Atomic strong force (atomic binding) -Atomic weak force (atomic decay) -Electromagnetism -Gravity I believe that I have read more than once that electromagnetism is the strongest. And along the lines of what Godfather said on this page: For all the mass of the Earth, a magnet the size of your thumbnail can pick something up against it.
  • Gravity is the weakest force. Think about it a moment. The electromagnetic force is the force that causes plastic wrap to stick to the top of a container. You can fill the container with the food of your choice, seal the top with plastic wrap, turn the container over, and the wrap will hold the food in the container despite all of Earth's gravity trying to pull it out. The electromagnetic force will hold a single electron in orbit around a single proton. However, gravity does not start to be a factor in holding things together until you get up to things the size of asteroids. The electromagnetic force is 10^38 times stronger than gravity. Note: the other two fundamental forces, the strong and weak nuclear forces, are stronger than the electromagnetic force, but are only effective within the distances found within an atomic nucleus.
  • I believe that the force we call “Gravity” is inter dimensional and we here in our present dimension are only exposed to a sliver of the force's full strength. The force could turn out to be that which causes everything to exist.
  • NO! We just learned bout this in science. It is THE WEAKEST force in the universe, because you can break it without much struggle.
  • The strongest force in the universe is the Strong Nuclear. But it happens in so small a range we dont experience it in our everyday lives. Gravity is the weakest, but its the one we all feel all the time, so we tend to think it as strong. And to everyone above me. The pull from a black hole is due to gravity, its not a seperate force, lol. Also electromagnetism is the second strongest.
  • No. The weakest.
  • There's us, right, circling the sun. Then the sun is circling the black hole in the center of our galaxy. That galaxy is one of a cluster of galaxies, who circle an area called 'The Zone of Avoidance' - it is called this because we can't see it because our galaxy blocks the view. This is the strongest known force in the universe, and no one knows what properties it has.
  • gravity is the weakest force. but theory suggests all forces have equal strengths when integrated along their entire range.
  • Ironically, it's the weakest.

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