• eat a tablespoon of sugar.. it helps me.
  • Get a glass of non-carbonated, non-alcoholic drink (water will work fine). Take a deep breath, immediately after a hiccup, and take 10 SIPS of the drink, breathing out immediately after your last swallow. If you hiccup again, do it again. (NOW and then, it takes 3-4 times - you can usually figure that you breathed or hiccuped or didn't get a regular sip/swallow in there...) Sounds funny as hell, but works for me.
  • We have a sure way to stop hiccups but you're not gonna like it. Take your finger & softly massage your Palatine uvula. No kidding !!!It works ( We have a med student in our group )
  • Boo!! If that doesn't work, try drinking 9 small sips of water and then gulp one final drink of water.
  • Here is one that has always worked for me. Tense up your abdominal muscles like you're trying to do a sit-up/crunch and hold it for a bit. It works on the same principle as holding your breathe, but is far more effective since it actually works the muscles. Remember, hiccups are basically a muscle spasm anyways. If you stretch 'em and work 'em, they will stop spasming.

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