• Im a 27 year old guy, and I have to admit that diapers are a blessing. I really never have to get up and drop what Im doing anymore. I just toss the diaper in the wash before hopping into the shower every morning. It totally saves on toilet paper, I dont think Ive bought a roll in at least seven months.
  • no, I am a lady. Diapers are for people who wet the beds, elderly people who cant hold it in, and babies. Pads are for ladies with periods. Which we all have. Unfortunatley, I am 16 and have to wear a diaper because i do wet the bed. I do not have this choice. I wear diapers no matter what and it works very well for your period. You just have to change it more often, which my mom does for me.
  • Erm, no. They're way too bulky & pads work fine.
  • No, I think they too bulky. I do however sell quite a few of them to woman for that reason at my store. Personal choice I guess.
  • i did that once, when it was so so heavy that whatever i used i was gonna leak. so yeah, i used one of those giant nappy things.
  • I definitely consider it sometimes, especially at night because no matter what kind of pad I purchase there is a leak. I am tired of ruining underwear and sleeping on towels!
  • i wear nappies and plastic pants 24/7 so dont need pads when on my periods baby doll
  • Sure, I have worn diapers before during my period when I knew I was not going to be able to change a pad for a while. Of course I am pretty used to wearing diapers because I am an avid SCUBA diver, and when diving in cold water I wear a drysuit which you can't just pee in like a wetsuit. The guys have what is called a "p-valve" they just hook their plumbing up to and a tube runs outside the suit, but girls aren't anatomically that lucky, so us girls wear diapers for the dives, I use them just about every time. I don't find it uncomfortable to pee in a diaper, its really no big deal. So having my period in a diaper is really nice, no leaks, no worries.
  • i dont get them anymore cause of a hysterectomy but theres times ive wondered if id be better off with the diapers

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