• And make white folks more afraid of us than they already are? I don't think so.
  • Wasn't that the reason for the recent Scarification fad that went around for a while?
  • DAng - GREAT question! It puled me up short and made me think : ) Five points to you : )
  • White ink tattoos actually show up much better on light skin that dark skin. Because tattoo pigment goes under the first layer of skin, the skin tints the colour. Due to this, lighter skinned people hold and show white ink better than those with dark skin...
  • I've noticed that as well. I actually like the look of tattoos on dark skin better. It looks more it was supposed to be there.
  • Yup. Basically, tattoos on people with darker colored skin is like looking at the tatto through tinted glass. The darker the skin, the darker the "tinted glass". It doesn't work like paint pens where they show up really well on darker surfaces.
  • i dont know, but i think a a blk tatoo on a blk person looks better than a white one would. what do you think?
  • Yah,they do have white ink, but from reading the top answer posted they are afraid to scare white people or afraid of what they think. That's what the ratings say.I don't think that's it though.Ask a local tatto shop for your real answer.
  • Not a racist question, but white ink? not practical, dyes/inks only makes things darker. I'm not sure how keen anyone would be on injecting sub-dermal paint
  • Since the ink goes under the skin, as Malikitts said, and since the inks themselves aren't totally opaque, white tattoos wouldn't really show up better. Lady Alathia mentioned scarification, which has been done traditionally in darker skinned cultures more often than lighter skinned ones. Since modern techniques for doing this have become safer and more well known, it's become a popular alternative to tattooing, especially for those with dark skin that scar noticeably.
  • Your question might not be "racist"--as you made sure to point out--but it could very well be a foothold used by others to express racist sentiment. Your question could be very easy twisted around and we end up with exactly the thing you were avoiding to.
  • why do people have to turn everything into something about racism. we're living in a new day and age now so stop being so silly. i don't care what color you are, get over yourselves :p my friend mike, who is black, has tattoos and yes the tattoos are hard to see from far away, but up close you can see them. white ink turns yellowish after so many years so who would want that anyway.
  • Naah..A white tattoo wouldn't look right on anybody. Black on black is cool. So you'll have to get up close to see them better. I'm sure the ladies don't mind getting up close to Tyrese.
  • Djibril Cissé is a footballer in my local team, he is black and has tattoos (black ones) I think they look FAB!

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