• DIABETES mellitus (often just called diabetes) occurs when the body cannot produce enough insulin or when the insulin that the body makes does not work properly. The name comes from the ancient Greek word diabetes meaning siphon or running through (referring to the passing of large amounts of urine) and mellitus meaning honey—like (referring to the sweetness of the urine due to excess sugar as identified by ancient physicians). Diabetes is characterized by the inability of the body to control it's blood sugar level. High blood sugar is known as hyperglycemia and is controlled by the hormone insulin. So diabetes interferes with the creation and secretion of insulin.
  • Do you mean the mechanics of it? Read here:
  • Diabetes has more to do with fat (intramyocellular lipids) than the lack of insulin in the body or insulin production in the Pancreas. It’s the fat we consume that clogs up the cells' insulin receptors preventing glucose from entering the cell. One of the body's innate mechanisms is to store fat in cells and use it when the body needs an energy boost. However, today we usually get too much fat, clogging the insulin receptors and also shutting down the production of mitochondrias. Mitochondria's are the engines that help burn the fat in cells. Meanwhile our body is starving, because the insulin can not open the cell for glucose. (See: "Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes")
  • its cause of heredity or your immune system. either one. you can even ask your docter.

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