• For putting up with those little bastards 9 months out of the year? Yep! ;-)
  • Don't you think they need a break also to recover from all the trauma of teaching today's kids?
  • No - not with all the other school holidays they get - they should have to stay in school and teach.....erm kids.....right, they can paint the classrooms to make it nice and bright for the returning cherubs!
  • Yes I do it is not easy teaching,and they need a little change and break.
  • Yeah, kids are retarded and all they want to do is mess around... it's amazing if you can teach them anything! And teachers have to plan the lessons for the year by themselves with no real guides, just an idea of what you have to teach... and you have to keep the material current and interesting to each type of class, or no one will pay attention.
  • Very fair, as it gives them a breather between groups of kids and allows for time to prepare for the next plus let's them fill up their tank of knowledge and skills to begin again.
  • Hell Yeah. I spent some time as a teacher and for the workload and aggravation and all the stress of the classroom, not only is it fair, but it is necessary.
  • What else are they going to do? Teachers teach the children they are presented with each year. If no children are available for the summer why should they sit in the classroom by themselves?
  • Yes, I believe so. My mother was a 5th grade teacher and even on her summer breaks she still had to "work". They take that time to rest and recharge yes, but teachers dont get regular vacation time like the corporate world. They are salary so they can take a day off here and there, but week long vacations arent something they would do. That is what summers and breaks were for. And anyway, teachers have to go return to their school work about a month before the students even return in sept. Starting in early Aug they have to prepare their bulletin boards and classrooms for sept (which is no easy task!), most put together welcome packages when the students are younger, they have to review the new curriculum (new things are added every year that they must familiarize themselves with before teaching it). So it isnt like they get a full vacation, there is much to do to prepare for the next year's kids.
  • Most people think teachers work 8-3 5 days a week 9 months a year.. so wrong. they don't count for the time that they spend at night making test, grading papers. time spent while kids are off in parent teacher conferences or teacher workshops. For elementary teachers who come in as early as July to decorate walls, put names on desk, etc. Then you have kids who just are flat out discipline problems, those who refuse to work and who will not let other kids learn. Teachers who spend 5 of 8 hours a day dealing with unruly bratty kids with smart mouths. teachers who go to work daily not knowing if a student will take a gun and blow them they deal with parents who REFUSE to discipline their children and REFUSE to admit there is a problem but then when the child is in trouble..they run to administration and blame the teacher. Personally, I don't think they make enough money, have enough vacation or personal days to take off. Teachers have one of the hardest jobs there is today and anyone who thinks differently should go and work in a classroom for 1 week.
    • Thinker
      From most of the comments I have seen here most people have no idea how much work teachers do they are never paid for or how much money they spend out of their paycheck to get needed supplies for their children. Then look at us bus drivers as well. We transport your children from home to school and school to home. We also transport your children to all kinds of trips. ( just did a UIL trip today (Saturday) with about 30 children) Go to out of town spots games not getting home until midnight or later get a couple of hours sleep and then pick up students for school. Teachers have it stress-fully hard Bus drivers have a lot of stress as well and are grossly underpaid. I have been driving for 8 years and my salary is about 75 cents per hour higher than a beginning driver. Don't think educating your children is easy, It is very stressful.
  • YES, I also think they aught to get paid a better salary!
  • Absolutely! For the crap they have to deal and put up with and the peanuts they get paid, YES!
  • It is essential. But know that we don't always get "time off". Some of us use the time to take additional classes, get summer jobs or do some work for the county to get ready for the next school year.
  • Yes its fair, to put up with 30 kids all year round, the teachers a burnt...They don't get paid enough..No wonder some of them go crackers...They deserve the summer off..
  • I consider the few hours my kids are in school as my free time. The poor teacher is with a classroom full of such boisterous kids and they are actually trying to teach them so that they can make something of their lives. They most certainly DO deserve the summer holidays.
  • They deserve it. And they may enrich themselves with direct experiences that can make their teaching all the more interesting and relevant.
  • Of course it is. For one thing a substantial amount of that time is used to prep for the class the following year. And is it fair that teachers cannot EVER take vacation at any other time of year? There are out-of-state marriages and plenty of other stuff that normal people can take some vacation time to attend that teachers always have to miss.
  • Often teachers attend university classes to renew their teaching certification. Teachers are required to have additional hours for recertification. Also teachers are paid for generally around 185 days per school year divided over 12 months. I know I was in the classroom for 18 years and now drive a school bus.
  • Of course it's fair! It's in the terms of their employment agreement!
  • Hmm, you probably don't!
  • Lots of jobs have very different schedules. How is this an issue of justice?
  • not really but they dont have much choice if kids arent in school

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