• -- In time I became a host, a writer for the games their, a captain of an online team (not associated with the writing) and then took over running the league.
  • Some stupid aol chat room...
  • I think was my first, just after it. But I believe that I've participated in others before them, but they were the "real" first ones that I really contributed and helped people out/people helped me.
  • I started using the computer when I received a genealogy program, and started doing research into my ancestors. I registered in a Choctaw chat site, and the official Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma website. I am a registered Native American Artist, and was a member of some artist groups. I also joined several craft groups, and became a hostess for a couple of special interest craft sites.
  • Video game message boards on AOL. =P
  • Yes, it was a site for people from Louisiana on AOL.
  • It was an AOL chatroom. I can't remember exactly which one but I'm pretty sure it sucked ;-)
  • I sometimes still pay a visit there.
  • This is my first and only
  • Closest to it was Bezerk's "Acrophobia". There were some great people there! ;-)
  • Roleplaying chatrooms on AOL. Probably either "The Pridelands" (lion king rpg) or "Anthro Forest Lake" (furry rpg)
  • Answerbag is my first online community.
  • I used to chat in multiple undernet channels using mIRC.
  • I think that was either quizilla, if you could count it as one, or some blog site the name of which I forget, which was kind of stupid.
  • I think Myspace was the first place that I actually attempted to be social on the internet. I'm talking about the "Groups" section, not the "Oh, I got a friend request, leave a comment on my page!" section. But if that doesn't count (and I sorta feel like it doesn't), Doomworld was the first place that I actually took seriously.
  • KMOV TV in St. Louis Mo. The area I spent most of my time at was kind of like here on AB. Asking & answering questions......PLUS 5 for your question.......M.C.S.
  • Ahh yes I sure do. It was the MSN Chatrooms. I used to love those rooms, and I would go in there all the time. I rarely ever went to Yahoo Chatrooms. MSN Chat was for me. I was very sad when MSN started charging for their chat rooms, and even more sad when they decided to discontinue them. Microsoft really sucked when they took that route. I used to have respect for MSN/Microsoft, but when they did that, they really broke some hearts, and really messed up many peoples' lives of communication with others. I wish Microsoft/MSN would bring back the MSN Chatrooms.
  • Yep. I used to hang out in a chatroom hosted by ZDNet. It was one of the old Virtual Places networks, and ours was the smallest of the networks but we didn't care. We all had little square avatars and we could move ourselves around on the page to "sit next" to the people we wanted, and we could connect avatars to have private conversations. Also, the rooms we were in were simply website backgrounds, so we could navigate the web and sit on a website and others could come visit us at the website. Lots of us made our own websites and created our own rooms this way, where friends and other members could come and listen to music or play games, etc. It was a lot of fun, but then they changed the format and it wasn't the same when we couldn't make our own rooms.
  •, don't think of the name of it too much because it wasn't a site for pot heads, it was just one of those journal sites, found out about it through a friend because he was ripping on one of his old friends on it, later on I just decided to get one and now I'm on myspace, though myspace sucks horribly.
  • I used to hang out at . I joined it on March 16, 2002. I still really like the Corrs but they haven't done anything musically since about 2005 and I don't really fit in there anymore.

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