• Login as "Administrator" with his password... No need for "hacking/cracking"...
  • first of all you open the computer by SAFE MODE in the time of booting by pressing on administrator, when your computer is opened then you go to the RUN then type CMD. after this in the command prompt you will type this command- NET USER(ENTER) NET USER USER_NAME *(ENTER) then you see the password chinging option of such type- CHANGE THE PASSWORD-......... then you will change the password of your boyfriend. have a good day! and also by... by../..
  • How about you NOT be a major bitch and go through your boyfriend's private stuff? If you can't respect his privacy, then I hope no one ever respects yours.
  • How about not hacking into his shit? If you don't trust him, don't be with him.
  • News flash: virtually all guys look at porn at least once in a while. I would say that you probably don't know any guys who don't look at, at least a little, porn. That may be repugnant to women but that's the way it is. I personally find hacking into someone's personal computer files infinitely more sleazy and unacceptable than looking at a little porn.
    • Linda Joy
      Not all. A rare few have evolved. However she said documents.
  • i wouldnt even do that, thats not even legal
  • i wouldnt do that, its illegal

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