• In my opinion, it depends on the animal and it depends on the human. For example, if I had to choose between killing an anonymous dog and an anonymous person, I'd choose to let the human live. However, if I had a choice between killing Lassie and some serial murderer, I'd let Lassie live.
  • The worth is the same. In most cases, the value is not.
  • Yes no matter what animal no matter how big or small we all play an important part on this planet, and its just egocentric to think that humans are more important then any other species on this planet.
  • I love my dog. beyond belief. but i was asked to choose between a little girls life and my dogs. I'd have to choose the girl. However! that doesn't mean you don't have to treat animals with as much respect as possible.
  • I think all life is connected, so it is all equal in importance. it is all worth saving and preserving and respecting.
  • I was raised to beleive that all life is equal, and that every living thing should have the same rights, and I hold that true.
  • yes is it is worth as much as human life.
  • My animals are worth more to me than all the people I don't know and worth more that some of the people I do know. In general I place my immediate family as my husband, my dogs, my horse, my cat, my children, my stepchildren, my friends....the rest of the world.
  • I love all animals, and I believe they deserve the same respect that humans deserve; unfortunately people hardly treat other people with respect let alone animals.
  • It would depend upon the person. No doubt there are some people that the world would be better off without. Given the choice of saving their life and that of a stray dog I would save the stray dogs life. And consider it a good days work.
  • I am afraid I have to be pragmatic here, Some animals yes , In fact most animals but if i had a choice between a dog attacking a child and shooting the dog I would shoot the dog, it would make me sad but it would be a necessary action, The same with the use of some lab animals , I lost my husband two weeks ago if i thought that a thousand rats would have found a cure there would be no contest in my descision, I would have caught the rats myself. If this makes me inhuman i am sorry but most human life is more important I would prefer to use prisoners and people on death row for experiments but that is not allowed, So in all cases i do not believe that the human is more important
  • To some yes to many no to me definately that does not mean I would choose an animal over a human It depends on the human, ie: pedophile you would not save one for a snail
  • Bindi Irwin is in Washington,she has some good answers on the question. Personaly, I agree with Firebrand on this one.
  • HUMAN LIFE is superior to other life forms. It is okay to love your pets with all your heart. But this love will never be as great as a parents' love for a child. I cannot equate the two. However, I have animals and I will not tolerate their mistreatment. I see no justification for cruelty to animals. All life should be respected. Even lab rats should be treated with all the kindness and tenderness that is possible. If we are willing to sacrifice embryonic stem cells to advance medicine, we should also be equally willing to sacrifice some lab animals.
  • I would not say that it depends on the type of animal. I would say that it depends on the type of person.
  • Animals are just as important as humans, yes. Animals (cats in particular) have done more for me than therapy. They make me happier than anything. I don't know how I'm getting through without one right now... My last cat, Simba, was the best cat I've ever had. He was my best friend; comforted me when I was sad, rejoiced with me when I was happy, kept me company when I was lonely, gave me someone to talk to when no one listened. He was definitely a cat I'll never forget, and that I wish I still had. Unfortunately, my mother became pregnant, and we had to give him away (Which I believe was just something my step-father said to get rid of them.). I honestly don't know where I'd be without animals. And I talk about cats a lot, but all animals are equally as worthy for life as humans. There are more humans murdering humans for selfish reasons than animals killing for survival. Animals do not deserve to die the way they do; they don't kill us for food- unless they feel threatened. So why should we kill them for our enjoyment?
  • Humans are animals by definition, and worth is a relative concept. But in the spirit of your question, they are all equal. Non-human animals just don't the have the facilities top make this value judgment. Non-humans animals existed before humans and will continue to exist after the humans have extincted themselves (supposing of course that there is actually an earth to inhabit).
  • According to the Hindu tradition, 'a jiva (from the stage of a protozoan, perhaps) attains competence for a human body after undergoing 8,400,000 births (in lower forms of life). Brihad Vishnu Purana gives the details. GNOSTIC BELIEFS: By misconduct and neglect in life, a human being can descend downward (transmigrate) to a lower form of being which it once emerged from. Thus, a human soul can inhabit a sub-human body. Such a descent may involves a loss of enormous time in the spiritual evolution process. One who dies in ignorance is reborn as a lower creature (Bhagavad Gita, 14.15). After many births through lower forms, a soul gets human birth. Hinduism says that huumans are the highest of all creation. Each human is worth some 800000 animals.
  • mess with my buddies and you will find out
  • I have to say Im going neutral, cuz this is a no win question, I say Id try to preserve all life if possible, as all life is precious, but a fellow human Id have to save first should the situation arise. Its only nature to protect your friends, an family before anything else. And I said id stay neutral huh lmao

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