• yer, technically.
  • Because white South Africans are not native but descendants of Either British, Dutch or German settlers. True South Africans are Black as are the people on the rest of the African Continent. I believe the category African American means Black Americans. Although you could call them African American and not be incorrect if they were born in South Africa.
  • Geographically speaking they would be. I find this question about as interesting as a question can be. Excellent job!
  • Lol!! You're right Babycakes Deux. Technically he/she is, but "African American" to most Americans means someone black born in America. You got me thinking-----would a white person born in China and becomes a Canadian citizen, be a Chinese Canadian? Hmmmmm.
  • Sounds logical to me!
  • No, because the Black man wants to keep the White man down! Seriously though, they would be, much to the possible chagrin of their dark-skinned cousins. To say otherwise would mean that over 97% of US citizens are not Americans no matter how many generations their families have been here. On the other hand, there is scientific evidence showing that our species originated in the African continent anyways, in which case we ALL are African-American!
  • Wonderful question and great answers so far. Points out how absurd we can become with ethnic labeling--especially in the USA where all but Native Americans could be (fill in the blank) "_______-American".
  • 6-1-2017 I have known several white African-Americans, born in Africa and naturalized US citizens. All of them were obviously Dutch descent. Political correctness in America is bonkers. We assume that all people with black skin are African, ignoring the fact that there are a dozen or so Caribbean nations where natives are black. People in Brazil are black. Lots of black people are from various European countries. But in America you can't call somebody "black", you have to say "African American".
  • The liberal mindset wants to separate and segregate people into groups. This way they can work with the groups to cause contention and infighting between them. To liberals it is all about the darkness of the skin not the origin of the person.

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