• I think you should make the decision that's going to be best for your son in the long run. Your brothers mean well, but I think you already know the right thing to do. Tell your brothers to show how much they love you by supporting your decision.
  • let him be there to see the birth of his son. If you are okay with it then good for you. :)
  • It's his kid, your brothers can suck it up.
  • Without knowing the background (ie: if there's been any abuse), I'd say your brothers are going to need to get over it. A man has a right to see the birth of his child.
  • Don't take something away from the father of your child just because your brothers have issues with him. Let him go to the birth, kick him out once the baby's out and be on your way.
  • I don't think your brother's have a say in this situation. It is yours and his baby that's being born. If you want him there, and he wants to be there, then he should be there to see his son being born! :)
  • i'm fortunate to have been at my son's birth! i stood next to the ob/gyn and i caught our son as he came into this world!!! it was the most majestic moment of my life!!! i'm sure that it's great for bonding - at least for the father... i don't know all the dynamics involved in this situation, but, i might talk with each brother and or his wife ... good luck!
  • I think your son is better off being adopted by whoever replaces your ex. were I incharge of this nation, you could not force parrental responsibilities on him and he could not force you to let him have parental rights... however since I am not incharge handle it however you see fit that is legal. if you want him there(I can not see why. he is no more than a sperm donor at this point) then your brothers need to respect your wishes.
  • He helped make the child, so he is well within his rights to be at the birth, regardless of which family members disapprove.
  • I don't think your brothers have any say, that is his child aswell as yours they can get mad but they only have one choice and thats to get over it.
  • If he wants to be there it means he cares for the child.... And if you are fine with him being there, then you definitely should let him be there. It's nothing to do with your brothers.... Just ask them to behave.
  • It's HIS child, not your brothers. At least him wanting to go says he cares about his son, who also happens to be your son. What ended up happening anyway?
  • The Rights of Birth are his. Can't imagine why the brothers disapprove.
  • feck ur bros ur ex is kids daddy he has right feck ur bros being mad he has right to be in kids life
  • He has every right to be there as long as it's something you're okay with too. I'd tell your brothers to back off on this one. This is about the baby, not about your brothers. And you never know how things will work out. My own parents broke up while my mother was pregnant with me and they got back together at the hospital. My dad saw me and stopped freaking out about being a father. :) He was a hell of a dad too.
  • Try nicely telling brothers that YOU want it that way,that he has a right,but more importantly that their nephew would want him there,or neice...Hope everything works out well.
  • I really dont see how its your brothers choice whatsoever.
  • If your ex is the child's biological father then yes, as you can see that your ex is quite willing to step up to his responsibilities. I think most people would agree that in these kind of cases, the child's well being should always be the top priority, tell your brother to put his feelings aside and learn to live with it because there will be many occasions for years to come.
  • This is clearly between you, your son and his father. Your brothers need to butt out.
  • Well...explain it to them slowly.
  • The father should be there. the brothers are not the father. You are totally wrong if you do not let the father be there.
  • He is the dad he should get to be there and they will have to get over it
  • Who's the father your brother or your ex?
  • I think he should be there to start bonding from the minute he's born. Even if you are not with him, you want him to love your child and want him to have a relationship with his child don't you?
  • Gently tell your brothers to sod off.
  • Your ex has a right to be there no matter what anyone else things... it's his son too, and I think alot of people forget that, especially your brother.

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