• Probably not.
  • Bible constantly says Jesus is not only the God of believers but also of the pagans. Thus Bible instructing believers to tell nonbelievers to go to hell is not true. This is the major difference between Quran and Bible. Quran condemns the nonbelievers to hell and Bible embrasses them in love and ask us to show this mercy of God to non-christians.
  • Of course not, the Bible instructs us to spread His word and His love. God wants all of His children to be with Him in the end. God would in no way say 'you just go to hell.' He loves us to much to condemn us, He gives us many, many chances to accept Him. He would not do this if He did not love us sooooooo much. God Bless, <:))))<><
  • no my friend. believers have to spread the good news, not the bad news.
  • The very last thing the Bible (the word of God) would have a Christian do is to tell someone to "Go the Hell." He had His son die on the cross to prevent this very save us from our sins so we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven and not die. He loves us that much. Any Christian that tells someone to "go to Hell" is NOT doing the work of God and will be judged by Him....but not by the offended person!!!!!! I hope this helped :)
  • By ipso facto all non-believers will go to hell (revelations). Of course the bible is a ripping good yarn, up there with Tolkien and J K Rowling
  • There is no verses in the written Word, that I have found, about telling people to go to hell. Of course the question is asked on the assumption of what most of Christendom deem "hell" is. A sufficient study on this word would open some eyes on the subject.
  • No, such arrogance just comes natural.

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